Hero Spotlight: Anvil

Right from the get go when I got him I thought he should’ve have been a mech. I presume he designed to counter sheild heros, this is usually in the domain of nrg hero’s. When you take on nrg heroes you bring in a mech not an nrg hero, sure he may be good against shielded bios but you want to take down the shielder not the sheilded first. Poor poor design fron the start, ohwell live and learn.

I wouldn’t exactly say poor, but definitely specialized. The reason hes probably not seen as that good is because hes not doing anything for the meta. Min actually was a counter meta character. I’m sure if Dogface and Panzer werent the core dps, when Min came out people would’ve been like “A squishy, weak hero who just trolls people’s ammo clip and abilities? Trash!” But since she has a good place right now it makes sense. If a good shielded hero came out or a current shield hero got bumped to tier 1 he would seem very useful. Now, just a fun tangent.

Finally got to see him in action against a shield heavy team. Impressive. I’d still like to see his armor and hit points buffed a bit to make him more survivable against the mech firing squads.

I would actually like to add on to what this person started. I have yet to get Anvil but I am curious as to how he reacts to Caine.

So let’s say for instance, an enemy Caine is buffing a front liner with Armor up. For the example, let’s say five charges worth. Then I have an Anvil use Arc Blast-

  1. Does Arc Blast only demolish the first charge of Armor up or will it go through all of them up to the 300% of damage allowed?

And now onto Caine’s Counter Measure Skill. In the example earlier, one front liner is carrying five charges of Armor up. If a Counter measure was popped onto him and an Anvil used Arc Blast then-

2)Which damage gets reflected onto Anvil if he hits a hero with shields and a Counter Measure? The base damage of the Arc Blast, or the multiplied damage of the Arc Blast as it was targeting a shield?

And this last question isn’t specific to any allies Caine targets but I’d thought I’d put it in here. So to make this easier, I will use the base damage number for Arc Blast as 100. Anvil targets a shielded enemy whose shield equals 150. With Arc Blast, targeting shields brings the modified damage to 300. After which 150 modified damage is left over. Does the unmodified damage (Which divided by three would be 50) get carried over to the reducing health? So in summary-

  1. Does the percentage of the unused and unmodified damage of Arc Blast carry over to damage health when the shield is busted through?