Hero Spotlight: Alcatraz

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: You sure this is canon @CptLappo?

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it had to be!
It fit perfectly with this contest.

Oh, good,a new magistrate! And his skills and looks are real cool, too!
P.S. i find it amusing that he is element-wise weak to shank and shivs. No wonder they escaped. :smile:


I mean, Commando is Energy too but he still melt mech.

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Que mistura de herois kkkkkkkkkk vamos ver se vai valer apena ta meio fraco de herois

Looks awesome! Skills are fine as well

Just based on the element Cpt. Not taking skills into account

Man looks amazing, Nice work to the people who helped create it :slight_smile:


That would be The Most Esteemable @CptLappo who contributed to this hero!

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Also, I just noticed that there’s a chance that the Cease+Desist combo can spread to other enemies, just like a chain reaction. That could be very handy!

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CptLappo…Thank you for this great design :kissing_heart:

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To clarify Confidential Informant: when Cease or Desist are used, Confidential Informant will try to spread it one further if the 50% chance is met. When it activates and takes effects from Cease or Desist and applies them to another enemy, that enemy has the Confidential Informant debuff. The effect of Confidential Informant, as a debuff, will vary depending on which C&D debuffs it copies. That means it can only spread once. Confidential Informant can’t spread itself, so it’s not going to try and branch out to other enemies every second, or anything like that.


Omg the skill names are sooo perfect :joy::joy:

Love it.
Quick question, what other fraction are they paired with?

Hope its the watch,black ops or irregulars. Just not pg

Nice. I like it. :slight_smile:

When will the 2nd hero be announced? Will he be in the gilded crate?

Its in the calendar the next hero will be next month

Someone has Alcatraz. How come? No Alcatraz crate on iOS yet?

It’s called a bot, or an android user.

Alcatraz has a specific crate coming, but is also available currently in the 5 Star Crate and in the Most Wanted Crate.

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