Halloween crate—buyer beware

I could agree with the sentiment. The wording was a bit special, but if you really played since april, you should have developped the habit of looking at the info button before buying a crate.

also, you should already have a notion that receiving so much frag for this little gold should have send warning bells to you

Though I do see where the frustration comes from, I think that this whole situation is kind of stupid. When they said “Guaranteed”, they meant that it is guaranteed you get bio/nrg/mech frags, not that you’re guaranteed to get all three. I would hardly call this false advertising, though I do see where the claim came from.

Also, this entire situation is remedied by one button. See the tiny “I” button in the top left corner? This gives you everything you need to know about the crate. Also if you’re dumb enough to buy the crate without fully inspecting its contents, then you deserve to lose the resources you spent on it.

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Because it wasn’t actually misleading. The verbiage explicitly states that they are “featured heroes”. We can trust those words to mean that those are simply the highlighted rewards. When I see a picture of bio frags with the word “guaranteed” plastered on them, then I assume - perfectly fairly - that I am guaranteed to get bio frags. The same goes for the other two. The word “guaranteed” was used individually on each frag type, heavily implying that there is a guarantee for each.

Not a single person is arguing with this so I don’t know why you keep bringing it up. The problem is with the main page and how it displays the rewards. Are you suggesting that it is not in fact misleading? Otherwise I don’t know what contention you have with the arguments everyone is making.

Hey all.

Two things:

  1. We can understand where the confusion is coming from. We’ll make sure to make this kind of thing much clearer in the future. It was not our intention to purposefully confuse anyone.

  2. Voodoo Donuts are amazing. If you’re in Vancouver, also check our Cartems and Lucky’s.


Okay, I see why our opinions differ at this. In german it states possibile rewards, while in english it says featured, which is, in my opinion a big difference regarding this topic.

@Muninn may consider finding a better translation for the german version, since it can be missleading too.

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“Voodoo Donuts: The Magic is in the Hole!”… words to live by

@WalleWu - Hahaha yes that does explain a lot!!! I couldn’t figure out why you kept using that as a reference point :stuck_out_tongue: Understood now

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[quote=“WalleWu, post:18, topic:9152”]

So the assumption here should be that you only get 1 of the 2 guaranteed items, but yet you get both. But how’s that possible? Precedent is still key. Do you run an ethical or unethical business practice? You’ve shown you lack ethics with your insistence on blaming your customer for being stupid for falling for your misleading advertising. And I guarantee your business would be short lived. But sure, it’s the customer’s fault.

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Precedent. I do look but do not need to do so because what has been established carries forward 100% of the time until now. Now that a very lengthy precedent has been broken, I know that the definition of the word “guaranteed” has been altered arbitrarily and it can be altered again. I didn’t know it was ok to randomly change the definition of a word but quite surprisingly some are arguing that it’s quite alright. Lesson learned.

I appreciate acknowledgment of Hothead’s error, but how the company decides to right a wrong is is the bottom line what I’m looking for. We’ve all heard the saying that actions speak louder than words…

Placing the word “or” between each frag is 1 certain way to eliminate any thought that the offer is misleading and to clearly show you what you might or might not receive. I went in to the offer expecting 90 total frags at a minimum (30 each of b/m/e or a max of 180). That seemed like a fair value and worth a shot. I don’t burn the gold on 30-60 frags because I haven’t had the greatest luck on these crates.

To be clear, I didn’t say it was an error. I said we can understand the confusion, and will make it clearer in the future.

I dont know what you are expecting HH to do. Refund your gold for buyers remorse? We all get that with this game or any game of this nature from time to time. HH team wouldnt have jobs if they tried to right all the things the community thinks are ‘wrongs.’

I get it though. I would be salty too. I was when some people got a 4.99 deal when it was 69.99 for me (those custom super deals they sometimes do). Ive also made mistakes misreading or understanding in game sales for other games like this. You move on.

You can at least appreciate that it was in game gold you spent and not actual cash.

The labeling of the frags as guaranteed was either intentional or accidental. If accidental it was done in error (I. E., not done with the intent to mislead). If intentional there was no error. There was a specific intent to mislead.

There was no intentional effort to mislead. Please don’t spread misinformation.

I won’t be offering any further replies on this topic.

Although people had a very valid reason for their grievance on that, it was for a completely different reason—only android users had the offer available. I personally think them having like random 5 minute flash offers would be a cool addition to the game. And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they sorta make up for it? Seems the super hero crate was made available. It wasn’t advertised as a specific apology, but that crate is virtually never available, so maybe it was simply a coincidence. I dunno.
But my grievance is in no form or fashion “buyers remorse”. A product was advertised at a price, but a different, less valuable item was given for said price. I dot regret the purchase; I’m annoyed I paid for something but didn’t get what I paid for.

Lol, what? I’m in the twilight zone. Spreading misinformation? No, I’ve stated facts throughout this thread. The only opinion I’ve offered is that in a consumer environment I believe that when a mistake happens it is a good business practice to make things right by your customer. Like I’ve said I’m really surprised this has been a controversial issue.

How recent was this? Because I remember during beta when we didn’t really have anything to spend our bucks on we bought silver crates for 20m at the time :joy:. Also I think we got more money from gauntlet back then

Jesus, chill the eff out.

There are some situations where one can feel justified in saying “hmm, I think something sinister is afoot”, this is not one. It was a case of something that was interpreted in a way that was not in line with what was intended. HH, acknowledged that they see where the confusion came from and will add clarity going forward. The end.

The reality is that, as has been pointed out, there is no way a user could reasonably think they were receiving 100s of frags (mostly generics) with a single crate anywhere near that price. If you say, “hey, I did think that!” then you are either being willfully obtuse, you weren’t thinking, or you are a moron.

Tangent: I always wonder why ads for $2.99 iPhone cases had to explicitly say “Case only, iPhone not included”. Now I know. And the reason depresses me.

Tangent 2: I was under the impression Voodoo donuts started over in Seattle (was just there last month and had one!)


Haha that’s funny that me and glazed conversation ended up on there.

Voodoo Donuts is a donut shop in the Denver area, that is a cash only specialty donut shop.

Definitely check it out if you ever are in the area!