Gauntlet Updates Incoming!

@BigWhite, Gauntlet will function as it does now. Low and High VIP players will be able to compete at the exact same level as before.

Previously, Gauntlet offered you one “reset” per day. And you choose when you could use it. This meant if you only completed part of a Gauntlet one day you could finish it on another and then reset. Being able to carry over progress is the main change here. But the amount of Gauntlet a player could do in 48 hours (for example) should work out to be the same, assuming regular play.

To help us improve our future messaging and clear up anyone else’s misunderstanding (including our own), can you explain what part of the message lead you to believe we were taking something away?

@Deathleech. The new Sectors are entirely optional. The 5 sectors everyone has access to will pay out bucks as they did before. Again, we’re not taking away anything from Gauntlet. These new sectors do cost Gold. It will be a small amount and it creates a Risk/Reward for players willing to risk a bit of gold for more Bucks. We’ve tried to do our best that the extra Gauntlet sectors, when completed, are worth the Gold. There is no “cash-grab” here. But it’s possible I’ve missed something and we can correct it before we release the feature, what part of the extra sectors do you see is unfair?

I should also add that we have the ability to give out Gauntlet Tokens from other events, so Gold will not be the only means to get them.

Previously players could only do 2 runs per day, if they were VIP 10. The change here is that we will no longer be punishing VIP 10 players by forcing them to spend more time fighting through Gauntlet for their added perk.


@Huginn I just want to say that I’m absolutely thrilled about all of the gauntlet changes. I’ve been critical of a lot of changes that have happened in the past, but I honestly can’t find a single thing to criticize about this.

With respect to the gold-spending… What a lot of players seem not to understand is that money has to be spent somewhere or the game ceases to exist. And given that inevitability, I’d much rather see it being spent somewhere unobtrusive (like a couple extra gauntlet sectors) than in more problematic areas like gating new heroes behind a pseudo-paywall. While I do consider some design decisions to come across rather ‘pay-to-win’, I don’t at all think that this is one of them.

Overall - I can’t overstate how happy I am with this. It’s been such a long time coming and I’m excited to see its execution sometime in the next few weeks.


I had no issues with running the gauntlet everyday in the past. I did take issue with the changes to the store, from the may update.
How does one justify “fixing” a feature that isnt broken, and utterly ignoring an unpopular, easily remedied mistake?
Smoke and mirrors my friend.

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You mean arguably the single most requested change in the history of Hero Hunters? That feature? You’re delusional if you don’t see the merit here.

Also - What you’re talking about is not relevant to this topic at all. Please keep the spam to a minimum.

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The single most requested change? Requested by whom? If you paid any real attention to the forum, you’d see that aside from the problems with the ingame chat, (still broken, as far as I’ve experienced) very few posters seem satisfied with the changes to the pvp and gauntlet stores.
The concern over avarice among the upper crust of developers is very real, and very rational.
Believing that the only opinion that matters is your own, is not.


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It’s hard to say without knowing the actual gold cost and the rewards. Those weren’t mentioned at all. I feel like that is usually a bad sign. Not only that, the last change with the multiple resets was a change for the worse (for most), when initially it was seen as something beneficial.

When you have the bucks exchange that costs 25 gold for less than 90k cash (not even 2 skill points at level 90), it’s hard to imagine the Gauntlet tokens will be worth it. I could be totally wrong though, and I hope I am. I just hope we don’t see something ridiculous like 50 gold per token and all you get is 200k extra cash.


Nice work on this devs. Never had issues with gauntlet but I know many have and even if you didn’t mind running thru gauntlet day after day this will be a nice change. Thanks again


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It’s remarkable that at this time anyone would have any negative thoughs about the upcoming gauntlet changes. Quick wins are an option, which is something we’ve been asking for to reduce the time burden. Don’t want to quick win, then just play like always. Higher powered teams will earn better rewards? Don’t think that’s fair? Keep playing the game, developing your heroes you’ll see yourself march up the brackets too. An additional risk/reward portion of the game a money grab? We all earn gold every day. Use it where you think it’s most impactful for your team. If money most important, use it there; if not use it elsewhere. Once again devs, you can’t win with everyone, but I’m pleased here. Still very concerned about the non communication about the store changes, but that’s another issue.


All I can say is Woooooot

Glad to see some good news on aw and gauntlet, you made me happy towards the game, I won’t start a new anger rant the rest of the week.

Keep up the good work!



Can you post June events schedule Soon please?..I’d like to know which is the next bounsed Faction
Thanks for the Nice Changes on Gauntlet

It’s coming! We aim to have it by the last Friday of the month.


All sounds great. I think the only question I have would be… With any of these changes are we getting less bucks per day, or having to use more game currency(stamina, quick wins, gems, bucks, gold etc.) to get the same results?

As long as the payout isn’t any less or isn’t going to cost us anything more… I can’t see how this could be a bad change. I’m sure you can understand the skepticism after the currency changes last time around.

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Thanks for the fast reply, love this game

Thank you! Every time I play gauntlet I’ve been wondering if quick win could be an option. This sounds like a good implementation.

Can’t wait.

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I’m holding judgment on gaulent change until its launched and tried it a few times. If the gaulent tokens unlock both new sections and last for more then a day would be best. 150 gold for both unlocked for 7 days seems fair, even 250 would be fair depending on rewards. Atm my 5th sector gives me 68-70k bucks per win and 500 gems, so 90k per win on 6th and 100k+ on 6th. with 1300-1500 gems total for base players. double for VIP 10+ I’m 1 mill power and lvl 88

In mission normal and hard mode, using quick win ticket loses the opportunity to gain hero XP. Or I can say that we got extra stuff actually playing those missions without using ticket.
But now, with the new gauntlet update, do we get any extra stuffs actually playing them?