For 2nd Month in Row Bounties and New Hero

Took me 600 gold to unlock the new hero… that which I had saved from daily quests and other free gold offers through tapjoy and such. 1 day late isnt a big deal. If you want him early then buy him. If you dont want to spend the money than get him a day late. Dont you think players that pay and keep this game alive and maintained should have a bit of an advantage?

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This time i got him from first crate but I do agree with you. They either need to give us back those booster crates, start coops sooner or increase frag limit of a featured hero a bit.

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Great you got lucky Happy to pay upwards of £200 next month?

Advantage:- The option to Purchase new Heros Early has been around since time itself. That’s not the issue, I’ve paid 2700 and 1799 more than once in gold to unlock / gain Hero early. Giving me the advantage of gaining bars and stars, again not the issue.

Issue is it now costs 10000 plus gold to get new hero, ok you get some frags or maybe unlock more heros. But it a named chest and you mainly buying for new hero and as you have done and one of my alts got new hero on a very early chest. Again thou it an issue but not the main one.
The issue is unless you pay or lucky it has an effect on one of the main events this game has. You and you alliance can not hit the best rewarding Bounties which stack up until they escape in the now shorter bounty queue. So it a double hit for the first half of the bounty, don’t you remember when Kurtz launched he was in bounties and they had to remove him because of this issue???

The 1st half of every new bounty is now hidden behind a pay wall making the game pay to win. What’s next buy this chest for 20 more battle points???

You know what I’m that annoyed by all this can’t even bring myself to play game at the moment, so I’m out done finished good luck HH, Gamers remember where you heard it first this game with these changes is becoming pay to win and for your sake I hope this warns HH that long time gamers like me who contribute on a monthly basis have had enough.


It costs 5 figures now to get a new hero?! That’s indeed too much. However I would like to point out that I don’t P2W and am in a guild where we hit all milestones with ease and get top 25 or 50 with relative ease.

Maybe you are used to hitting even higher ranked rewards but that’s more than good enough for me and I believe for many other F2Pers too.

It not about rewards milestones it’s about putting a main event behind a pay wall. Stopping you for hitting locked bounties unless you pay or lucky. Most heros cost 2700 now they want 10000 unless your luck holds. How they can even think I’d pay that I’d rather put it to a new car than a new hero in a game every month just greed and nothing more. The 450 gold needed was fine even 600 gold but putting the hero so far down just plain wrong and want nothing more to do with HH they now in same group for me as EA avoid where possible.

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I too would like to have the new hero before this current PvP event or bounty, but I also understand that HH, as a company, needs to make money. As a F2P player, there will always be boundaries to overcome, but if you plan accordingly, there’s no reason why you can’t do well in any events. If your expectation is to do just as well as a paid player in all events, then you need to take a serious look in the mirror. This is a game, enjoy it for what it is.

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This is an incredibly well-reasoned and level-headed summary of the situation that I think everyone in this thread would do well to carefully read and take to heart.

Things will always be easier for players that pay more. That’s the nature of a freemium game and it’s what keeps the game existing.

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Theres a difference between making money past heros been 2000 to 3000 this now 10000 hell no!!!

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Please stop typing in all caps.

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100% agree now it a game like 1000s of other out there with less and less to offer. Good luck all this will be my last post happy gaming wherever you play.

Remember the saying

When the Fun stops STOP!

I think if they up the daily coop frag limit from 8 to 12 there will be no issue anymore. Im not even close to a developer. With that being said it seems like the easiest and fairest way to balance out the play or pay routes. They can keep the schedules and keep the crates and whoever trades on coop missions will get the hero before bounty. I do both. I grind the game and buy gold occasionally. If i dont get the hero with a certain amount of gold. I cut my losses and wait for the coop to get me that hero.

I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s simple to me, if you don’t want to spend money, then don’t. The new hero is weak during the first bounty most of the time any way. Why complain about something you can get for free? Why do you care so much about it? It’s just a game. I spend money on the game to support the game, I don’t care about having a hero for bounty because I know that out of 30 people on a team, somebody will and can clear those bountiess. I’m not saying your wrong to feel how you feel but you got to ask yourself, are really just playing the game to get a new heroe? Plan ahead and save fragments to upgrade the free new hero and still come out on top in bountys.

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If I really want the new hero early, yeah sure if that’s what it takes. I mean it’s a price you have to pay if you dont want to wait to get him free, like you still can do. It’s not the end of the game if you dont get him the first day of bounty

Agree 100°/° with Lillypow im well over VIP15 and o hate the fact that the booster crate has been taken away i dont mind spending on hero hunters but lately this has been going down hill very fast!

DEVELOPERS think about it this way we all here are paying customers and the way things go nowadays more and more players will stop playing this game and that will be very sad because i like being here but there will come a time where the game gets to expensive we are all living in different countries and we all have different currency’s for some of us spending the amount of money we do definitely have a negative impact on our budgets.

Lets consider those living outside the US and Europe we all dont have that strong currency that they have but yet we are willing to spend if we can afford it.

Had you written this post 6 months earlier I would have agreed with you! But unfortunately there is this post over here which seems to have come ahead :)… Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

Lol…well then i have retracted my comment then…

Oh it’s been a change over a time but going from needing 450 gold ish to get new hero before Main event left in this game starts to 10000 or luck is just insane and that every month playing a few new games one just launched but to be fair to this game I’ll not mention it but see you in the stars :wink: