Feedback: PvP Gameplay

@Samhain, @Freakpyromaniacs Thanks for reporting this. We deployed a fix the other day for Co-op, but it seems that it had an unintended change on PvP. We will be looking into this issue this morning.

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Thank you for the quick revert!

Need to be able to opt out of match after seeing lvl of opponent. I keep getting stuck in matches I have no hope of winning against players with 2-5k more power and 3-5 lvl’s higher…

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That’s a pretty good feedback. A lot of your feedback was about better matchmaking. So it’s been a big topic here when we discuss how we can improve PvP.

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@Huginn will there be PVP updates in 0.7? I think PVP is currently based on how much you play and how strong your team is. I see lots of people not playing PVP because they get inbeatable bots. Just 3 of us are lucky (Rygel, Killer Turk and me) to constantly get a bot that is beatable. The points we have is far away from others because we can’t really loose. I think it would be great if it is more focussed on skill.

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Every Match against Prophet ends that way… not realy funny to play that game like that!

Prophet is a bit OP i think…

Soo… i hope you guys changing something on pvp!!! One full week i’m only loosing again and again and again!!

Nerf Prophet… or do something that changes that! I realy dont play longer if the possebility is not given to win one fight against a bot…

@Vupi, I can confirm that in 0.7 we have removed all instances of Prophet on AI teams. If you encounter Prophet in 0.7 it will be because that player actually uses him.

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Been there, done that. And is still there… Tried every set up i can think of and everytime prophet bots owns me.

@Samhain it comes up with update 0.7.


looks like you need yourself a high powered


:smiley: (that is at least my experience, I was using Bolt for a while, but couldn’t get his star rating up high enough, but I then realized that Clyde was also a viable Prophet Killer, and combine the fact that he is a cool robot with the fact that his fragments are available in the PvP store, I was sold on him. Was definitely a good choice for my team)

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Im grinding the clyde. Goes slow thou as i play way less pvp right now. And wasted a hell u a lot on richter (how needs another mech tank?!)…

You get Mech fragments for him out of the Hero crate and give it To him (if you’re lucky

Did PVP just got an update? I am matched against two - consistently the same - bots for some weeks now. And all of a sudden that same bot team with the same power is so OP that I can’t beat it. It’s a 36.5k bot while I have a 39.5k team


@Huginn you say that on update 0.7 player without Prophet cant get a bot with Prophet in Team?

I don’t have Prophet but get Bot Teams with Prophet in…

@Vupi, that’s not quite correct. We don’t prevent people from being matched against a team that contains Prophet.

What we did was remove all preconstructed teams that included him on our end. So now if you get matched against a team that contains this hero it is because it is another player’s PvP team.

@Huginn Yeah that point i understand! =D But the oponent ‘anarchy’ with 8000 points i dont find him in the leaderboard.

next time i make a screenshot.

thx anyway :wink:


I dont find any player with the name mmmmmmm in the leaderboard.

Next “Player” with prophet same points same heros…

Bots use player teams. Im not really far enough up the leaderboard to see supee stacked bots. I just have to occasionally fight against my own team.