Feedback: PvP Gameplay

@Huginn damn man. Something to check up on for you guys.

It seemed PVP took a turn for the better. But i did a match just now, vs an opponent with 5.9k PVP points. I think it was a bot, because i didn’t recognize the name.

Anyway, i lost. And in the summary of the battle, he had 0 PVP points, so i lost 90 points!!!

I’m not too happy atm.

@DSD, I messaged the appropriate person. We’ll investigate this today!

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@DSD, we seem to have fixed the issue! PvP should be working as expected!

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I just encountered a bot team in pvp, stronger then me, and they once again have only 4.5k pvp points.

I thought this was a thing of the past? The chance to either lose 90 points or gain only 15?

Yes the win/loss points should be close because of these issues i dont play pvp because it wil end for me in a loss streak

First of all, hat off for finaly fixing the pvp points for bots. I’m close to top 3 so i know i shouldnt complain that much. But i keep running in to bots that have +10k more power than me. A bit over the top i would say. A good game i could probably finish off one of them. But 31k against 41k is no contest. Am i just whining or do u agree that

it is a bit unbalanced?

PVP sucks again. Just like Samhain is reporting, these bots are too insane. If I’m lucky I can kill 1 hero of the opponent bot, and the bad part is that I keep getting this bot.

I was enjoying PVP lately, and yes it needed an update to make it more challenging but this is too much. Please fix asap

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Sorry for being so direct

@Samhain, @Freakpyromaniacs Thanks for reporting this. We deployed a fix the other day for Co-op, but it seems that it had an unintended change on PvP. We will be looking into this issue this morning.

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Thank you for the quick revert!

Need to be able to opt out of match after seeing lvl of opponent. I keep getting stuck in matches I have no hope of winning against players with 2-5k more power and 3-5 lvl’s higher…

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That’s a pretty good feedback. A lot of your feedback was about better matchmaking. So it’s been a big topic here when we discuss how we can improve PvP.

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@Huginn will there be PVP updates in 0.7? I think PVP is currently based on how much you play and how strong your team is. I see lots of people not playing PVP because they get inbeatable bots. Just 3 of us are lucky (Rygel, Killer Turk and me) to constantly get a bot that is beatable. The points we have is far away from others because we can’t really loose. I think it would be great if it is more focussed on skill.

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Every Match against Prophet ends that way… not realy funny to play that game like that!

Prophet is a bit OP i think…

Soo… i hope you guys changing something on pvp!!! One full week i’m only loosing again and again and again!!

Nerf Prophet… or do something that changes that! I realy dont play longer if the possebility is not given to win one fight against a bot…

@Vupi, I can confirm that in 0.7 we have removed all instances of Prophet on AI teams. If you encounter Prophet in 0.7 it will be because that player actually uses him.

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Been there, done that. And is still there… Tried every set up i can think of and everytime prophet bots owns me.

@Samhain it comes up with update 0.7.


looks like you need yourself a high powered


:smiley: (that is at least my experience, I was using Bolt for a while, but couldn’t get his star rating up high enough, but I then realized that Clyde was also a viable Prophet Killer, and combine the fact that he is a cool robot with the fact that his fragments are available in the PvP store, I was sold on him. Was definitely a good choice for my team)

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Im grinding the clyde. Goes slow thou as i play way less pvp right now. And wasted a hell u a lot on richter (how needs another mech tank?!)…