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I must say, this update seemed to have completely blown my expectations out of the water.

I dont even want to describe it but this is the first time I have seen buffs that are so powerful.

Matador, Fischer, Surge, Yanlong all look like they have a role now, and the descriptions sound like they are real solid ones, but most importantly they sound FUN. I can see multiple jumps to viable/competitive tiers where heroes should be.

Even the minor buffs seem on point this time round, Beck and Keel getting picked back up. I felt that Beck could use more minor buffs in the future though.

Cautious with the nerfs as usual, and that is good since no heroes are particularly busted right now. Maybe except Ronin min-maxing, that can go and die straightaway. Cant speak for Hideo since he’s the last non 7* I lack, but sounds good on theory.

Just when I thought Role Warfare is over I keep seeing new surprises! This will be a fun update.


Yeah, that’s right. When HH rolls a new update, it comes around way in the afternoon.

I doubt Yanlong has a role now, there just isn’t a market for frontline heroes that dont provide something for the rest of their team. Yan is just something you ignore, he won’t die as easily now but people don’t have a reason to care about him in the first place.

Matador is the biggest buff, I’ll have to test how the gold behavior works but with someone like Baron it seems like it could be absolutely broken. One of the most useful skills a support can have is a way to protect allies against early focus from the enemy (piloted) DPS. I hope his plat applies as a debuff to enemy armor but it sounds like a buff for him to ignore armor, which is not very exciting on a support but at least helps him avoid the huge damage loss he suffers from armor.

Fischer also got a surprisingly good buff. I’m not sure how they will handle max stacks for Wetwork but its nice to see some novel designs on an existing hero. Fischer seems like he will be very annoying after a couple submerge procs, but I hope HHG contemplated what this could mean for Fischer bounties. However, I don’t think Fischer will be a top PVP pick as long as we’re in the Flatline meta.

Surge is also a nice buff, but I don’t think he will enter the PvP meta unless the heal reduction is very small or the damage increase is massive.

Hideo’s gold buff is great, those stacks could make his lackluster single target into something very scary now, with his plat he is poised to put out almost unhealable amounts of teamwide damage. With Ronin and Mauler being diminished, I could see Hideo/Kuno/Clyde/Dog/Bolt fighting for the best DPS title since we’re still in the Flatline meta.

Speaking of the Flatline meta, Sapphyr gets another round of buffs that could make her a strong PvP choice. Healblock is buffed, Rift blade comes sooner, and Shadowstep sounds like it could provide 3 rift blades during its effect. I think her biggest issue will remain the fact that even if you Healblock someone for an easy kill through Flatline’s gold, Flatline’s plat can give her a rez as early as 20 seconds in. She still has a strong incentive to kill Flatline first and she simply can’t do that as well as certain mechs.

HHG finally acknowledged Beck’s grenade being literally worse damage than just shooting with her guns. Next up: Please take another look at Chesterfield’s terribly slow animations and tendency for traps to literally land at the wrong location.

Ronin nerf could break him if the damage goes low enough (was hoping they might buff eviscerate to compensate since they made that skill absolutely trash in December) but I doubt anyone will miss his broken DPS (except those abusing it of course). Mauler is another nudge toward not being broken, but the biggest thing keeping him in check is the Flatline meta. If Flatline were deleted from the game, the first hero I’d pick is Mauler and just go back to permastunning with a crit stack team.


Great analysis as we’ve all come to expect from you. I agree with nearly everything with the exception of one.

I think you’re seriously underestimating what this will mean to Mauler’s effectiveness (which is made up almost exclusively by his extreme stun chances). Dropping from 5 seconds to 3 is massive. Keep in mind that the only way for Mauler to stun from normal damage is by proccing his plat. Subsequently, this only happens when flash powder is triggered again while already triggered.

To emphasize this - the flash powder length has dropped by 40%. However, the odds of getting an actual stun will be exponentially lower as a result. The real stun effectiveness from his regular weapon will drop by around 64% (it will actually be more when you consider reloads).

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He does 50% of his remaining health. So if he had 100 HP, and you did 5 million, he would take 50 damage, flat.


To clarify:

Fischer deals damage to the enemy equal to his current health. He recieves damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

In bounties, Fischer deals damage to the enemy equal to his current health, which is increased by a health multiplier. The damage to the enemy is multiplied by the damage multiplier.
The self damage is not multiplied, so the self damage is equal to 50% of the un-multiplied damage dealt.

If Fischer has 100,000 Health, and a 3x multiplier.

Fischers Health = 100,000
Enemy Damage = 100,000
Self Damage = 50,000 (100,000 x 50%)

Featured Bounties:
Fischers Health = 300,000 (100,000 × 3)
Enemy Damage = 900,000 (300,000 x 3)
Self Damage = 150,000 (300,000 × 50%)


And will a bounty Fisher deal 15 milion damage while self damaging himself with 7.5 million? Or is his damage caped?

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He only deals the damage when the enemy has higher health.

It will activate for a 100,000 Health Fischer vs a 200,000 Health Hero, it will not activate for a 10,000,000 Health Fischer bounty vs a 200,000 Health Hero.


I should read the descriptions more carefully :see_no_evil:

Thanks for clearing things up

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@Omnipotent & @Muninn Thanks for the clarification!

My Fischer bounty concern is specifically about him being a target, who gets a stacking +15% evasion every time his gold triggers.

P.S. Matador’s shield amount got an undocumented nerf. Went from 210k to 178k for me.

P.P.S. Matador shield wording is different than the patch notes, only works when HE destroys cover. RIP Matador hopes and dreams 2019-2019.


I guess most people don’t play Mauler this way but I usually run him with Caine and Moss. That averages him 1 crit every 1.9 seconds or so. I saw this nerf as primarily having a big impact on his ability to maintain stuns between reloads. But you’re right, for people who just play with just Caine or no crit heroes, the 3 second flash powder destroys his chances of plat procs and the reduced duration also means the opponent can fight back more effectively without the endless disorient.

Time will tell but it’s clear that Ronin got a slap on the wrist (but more HP for allies!) and will continue to dominate the meta for now. Dunno how HHG can think Ronin needs to buff allies for so much HP, he absolutely blows out other heroes like Fortress and Operator for “team HP bonus” and there’s no reason for it.

Why are you do this big oof to me.

I share your concerns about Fisher. Him beeing invisible for half of the bounty was annoying but managable. But beeing invisible and having a beck like skill is a bit over the top. Becks gold skill, which is similar to Fishers plat is already annoying, but since Fishers plat will stack to the max most of the time in bounty, he will propably only get half of the damage a normal bounty would take.
Even worse is that most of the Energy damage dealers are HROF heros that will trigger his skills even more often.

I do not share your opinion on Matador. He is good at breaking covers by himself. His Bronze breaks a cover instantly and with one mag he shreds a cover too. If his shield would be troggered by every cover broken, he would be from zero to hero, from useless to op. It is up for test but I can think of some teams he could do good in. With the changes on him and Keel cover breaker teams may be back.

Hey, Cinder and Heimlock are in hard campaign missions now. Savage is also in District 8 hard mode missions now.

This is a level 83 8* Platinum Bucket. I wonder if that 390 HPS is correct. It’s very low. :thinking:


Have yall seen yanlong

Lvl 60 gold 2 bar in campaign

It’s a GLITCH!!! Devs see it and correct it !!!

I was thinking the same, and now you have me :thinking:
Fischers New Skill
-“The Ultimate Sacrifice” @Poobgloob

Grapple Dash: is 50% of damage dealt = to 50% health, which depends on total health remaing. 

Am I missing something… This does not add up, it sounded great till I got to

Resulting in :face_with_monocle:
Nice scenario, Fischer could only be used for the bounties that leave, anoying, low amount health…

Why could you only use him for bountys with low health? He deals the damage to every oponent having a higher max health than his health is atm you activate the skill. So he will deal it to every bounty, no matter what health the bounty has left

I use Mauler, Cain, and Nightingale most for the critical damage boost. When reading the skills I have came across a few unclear type of damage, crit, normal attack, skill increased, etc…
Mauler is one of my fav’s, not liking the decrease of stun. Why mess with this, it’s one stun with a high % of Strke Out
Strick Out: ability to move by revolving or turning over and over all to prevent negative effects, stall for a revive, and cooldown for skills.