February 2019 Events Schedule

So SHOREMANS will be the new bunty nightmares… Also don’t remove Clyde and mauler… They r the pride of PvP store… Lets hope if they put some good heroes instead of him…:thinking::thinking:

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Well I will need to beat the time I’ll do my Clyde to 10* as quick as I can and then I will farm heroniums as update will not be in 1st week for February … So I’ll make sure that I’ll play a lot of PvP…
@sanju this might help u buddy…

Also the devs need to buff FISCHER for upcoming faction and many more players like fortress … his recharge need to be rebuffed again … And kindly nerf mauler - halo combo and a lot of buffs on RONIN …

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oof. Fischer legendary skin YES.

you can’t be serious, Ronin teams are doing perfect, he is fine.


I think its too early to take out flatline it should have been maven since she is also in the dailies

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Nooooo Maven is my Favorite XD she’s my only 10 star. I farm her frags from Gauntlet.

There are hero balance changes this month. Some heroes are getting some needed love and others are getting smaller tweaks to specific skills.


thnx for the info. much appreciated !!

I can understand Clyde, he’s been in the PVP store for quite awhile now. Mauler a little less, but he has also been in there awhile. But why remove Flatline from Gauntlet? Wasn’t she just added fairly recently? Maven has been in there a lot longer than her.

Although I still can not make friends with the new calendar, hence my version:

Very interesting, 2 double PVP events

4-6 PVP Tournament (Jarek)
5-7 PVP Brawl (KLG Irregulars vs. UAF)

18-20 PVP Tournament (New Hero)
19-21 PVP Brawl (Shoreman vs. Magistrates)

I hope there are 2 new heroes in the PVP store that I can make on 10 *, because these double events bring me a huge amount of PVP Gems


Thanks for this list, much cleaner, @Muninn can the developers consider something like this?

I like the lose dates to check it simple, but this gives a easier oversight to know what’s going on the rest of the month

I always type the new faction for the month along with the heroes of that faction on the Alliance Message Board. It won’t let me put Scum up there. It says it is profanity. Hahahahaha, gotta love it

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I don’t make those graphics, but I’ll ask. Personally I find that display incredibly confusing, but I’ll present it as an option.


Im with Muninn. The alternate version presented by Checkpoint is not my taste. Im more for a traditional calendar like they used to have and what we’ve all grown up with.

Does that make me an old man? Probably. But its the American way!
he says as he shakes his cane at the youngins

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No it doesn’t. Or it makes me too. But I’m not that old :thinking:

The traditional calender was the best!¡!¡!¡!!!

@Muninn Maybe a poll? We find out what everyone likes best and we can all leave it at that haha

I want the calendar back!
Let’s make a poll about this. Most people I talk to liked the calendar display.

I really like @Checkpoint ‘s calendar layout idea, although I do agree it’s a bit messy. Here’s a version I made based off of @Checkpoint’s idea.
I really prefer the vertical layout over the original horizontal layout (that the devs had before), as well as the dev’s current layout.

*Edit: This way you can very easily see which events will be happening on specific days in the month… Great idea @Checkpoint


It’s a little annoying having to look back and forth to make sure your eyes don’t decieve you on when events start and end.