Extreme 1-8

Yea 1-8 is really really hard. I see the YouTuber that succeeded. Gonna upgrade my oracle and try again… I don’t believe it needs to be nerfed. There’s so many more extreme missions and this one makes us upgrade our heroes more.

This is only one real hard mission in District 1, but with right team is doable.


Ha… “the final countdown” earn u a :heart: :grin:

Didnt work for me :frowning:
I manage to kill chester but cant hold it till the end

Now make this video Chesterfield become so dangerous after update

I burn more than 1k stamina but still not clear
Zulfiqar578 game id

I did it with Serial, Alvarez, halo, hive and siren. Takes some work, but its doable.

Control serial off the bat to get his shield up asap, switch to siren and use her bronze to clear as many adds as possible, switch to alvarez when chester shows up and lock him down with Alvarez’s bronze, repeat ad nauseam

Okey. If someone need just pass this mission (not 3*) – this is most easiest way what I may find

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No rubi no 95
3 ☆☆☆

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Cant do this anymore, they are targeting drake now

Are you copy all actions? Include heroes position? I test this in various way in this combo must work for everyone.

That was before the update where they nerfed drake a bit, its not abt his position its abt nerfing his invisibility.
People already commented on this post during may abt that.

Are you try see video, lol? This is for actual 1.8. With full crew of heroes. Video was created yesterday. When I try helped few people with not so good roster beat 1.8.

Tried it, not working, they target drake

It worked well for me! Thanks!

All your heroes must be atleast platinum.

This worked for me today. Based on the above suggestion by DRey, but Surge swopped in for Ifrit.

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Looks like you were right



Try this team, i just beat it. took 2 tries but i did it.

Is this illegal necromancy that falleth before my eyes