Discussion on what the next September Update should bring

Nice and valid points, should Artemis and Prophet be candidates for DPS users too? :slight_smile:

Yes but unfortunately they are rather inaccessible heroes.

The problem is that if they are buffed too good and become part of the core meta hero loadout, those who do not have them will be at a disadvantage. They’d feel very jealous too and there would be accusations that the game is P2Win.

What would follow next? Either the playerbase demands that they be easier to obtain (without paying), or enters into Outrage Mode and demands a nerf.

Hence most likely, Artemis and Prophet will be left alone :frowning:


I really liked Artemis’s concept and her arrows.
Was very lucky to get her 5x in 50 crates. was really hoping that my first 10 star hero will be good

No luck on prophet yet though…

Prophet is OK. He looks cool.
He was one of my first heroes actually and I used him a lot in the beginning. I was like “wow a 7*!” and when I got Dogface I was like “booh a 1*!” but not a couple of months later my Dogface is 10* and I use him 20 times / day and Prophet is still just a lousy 7*.

I want to be able to see how many more coop times my “teammate” has. So I can look on with disdain as he sits on 2 more runs and won’t pitch in after you do. Or be like “I get it man” when he dips out with 0 when he just helped you with your 1st. Also, prioritize matchmaking by number of runs left. Since power doesn’t matter that much.

I’m hoping for a Pirate skin in the future. And what better candidate than Fischer or Wesson.

I feel like a lot of the DPS have good abilities, but their health is just lacking. Because of this they are focused down incredibly quick and never really get a chance to dish out any real damage. Even tanks and healers can drop them relatively quickly. My 10* Dog can kill a slightly lower level Clyde with a single clip of 6 shots without having any abilities up so long as they are all head shots.

If you look at the hp and armor on a lot of dps characters, it’s significantly lower than the top damage healers which are Dog and Panzer. For instance going back to Maven, my 8* plat version has 246k hp and 2467 armor. My Panzer who is a star lower has 325k hp and 2836 armor. So my lower level Panzer has 80k more hp and 369 more armor. Once they are the same rank it will be more like 150k~ more hp and 1k more armor.

I feel like just giving Sentry, Clyde, Maven, Odachi, Heckler, Kunoichi, Phoenix, Cinder, Hideo, and Maven a significant hp boost would make them all more competitive. They might need some tweaking with their skills, but none of that matters if they die so fast they never even get to use them. Un-nerfing Halo and Fortress after hitting them so hard with the nerf bat would also make them decent choices again.

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@Deathleech, thanks for your post and I agree that the heroes you mention need their health buffed.

But thinking this through, if you only buff their health they then need even more dps to down each other.

So you cannot run away from these heroes needing more dps at the end of the day. It doesn’t stay the same after you buff only their health.

Basically, dps is still needed regardless. We need dps, I cannot emphasise that enough.

Big congratulations to the author @Sing

To be honest i was thinking of becoming a member for a long time but this topic pushed me a lot forward to do so. I agree on your points, just wanted to say. Hope HH devs read and act, make this game good again. Especially in pvp area. Since we all love the game hope that happens. Hope healer-reviver nightmare ends.

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You know, it’s not just a matter of having more DPS options or giving current DPS heroes more health so they can survive a bit longer (like Clyde or Maven). It’s also the type of DPS that’s available. Right now, a damage dealer like Maven or Heckler is almost useless. Sure, they can deal out a significant amount of consistent damage but steadily chipping away at the opponent’s health isn’t enough to break through the Heal Wall that the new meta put in place. If the opponent is running a heal/shield meta team using some combination of Ifrit, Gale, Flatline, Caine, or Heimlock, it simply CAN’T BE DONE. You could double their health, all it will mean is that your team will hang around longer before finally succumbing. There’s no place for these types of attack heroes.

The only useful DPS options are heavy burst and right now, there are only two: Panzer and Dogface. They can deal enough damage from a single clip to break through the heal wall and take down an opponent. Nobody at high levels is consistently winning a match against a Panzer/Heimlock/Mandrake/Ifrit/Nightingale team unless they are running one of these two heroes. And they would also need to run a similar support set-up to boot because without that heal wall in place, your DPS hero is going to get knocked out before they can do their job. This is the least diverse, least enjoyable version of this game so far.