Disappointed, but not surprised

Alright, i’m playing the solo pvp blitz. Everything’s normal. I get a shot off of a bucket with prophet and go invisible, nice. But then nightingale marks me?? What!? Maybe it’s a bug. I’m in a new round and i have cyphon, and go to a different defensive spot. then galante shoots THROUGH THE BARRIER?? Cmon now.

Hehe lol git gud, that’s a more than basic game, heh

Nightingale’s Silver Skill gives her the ability to mark enemies. So that’s no bug or glitch unfortunately.
As to Galante? His gold ability allows his normal gunshots explode on impact, so if he shoots the cover/barrier in front of you, you could still be damaged by it.
Hope this helps. :wink:


Rockets of Galante hit target directly ignoring covers. They homing. So you need move after launch of them for dodge this damage. Same with knifes of Kunoichi. Nightingale is one of few heroes who may discover of invisible targets. This very help during Bounty event against Sapphire.


i was so confused bc i don’t play pvp that much but this helps a lot thanks. :sob:

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