December Events Schedule

Hi Devs, any news on new hero in December?

Geez, we’re the 5th… let us enjoy/discover/play around with Kobold a bit first :wink:

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They will announce more towards the middle and end of the month lets enjoy Kobold she is a really good Hero IMO

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Can we at least know the element of the new hero? Given how quickly they are being released, it would be nice to know what frags to store for them and what I can use on the rest of the people’s guard.

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Eh when starting
Still see cast and fortress

They aren’t being replaced for a few more weeks until the December update is rolled out.

Yes, it will be released during this update and is pretty awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can we get a small hint? :grin:

Your small hint is the silhouette in the calender above :smirk:

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Quels seront les héros qui seront dans la boutique pvp quand fortress et cast n’y seront plus ?

Why in the calendar all the Christmas events are supposed to start on dec the 12th and are announced on dec the 16th in game?

That is a very relevant question!
I think we can’t trust the calendar but we can trust what the in-game info says.

So will these events will they stay longer in game or will they stop at the announced date?

After I wanted to make my own calendar for the “old version” I noticed that no solo and co-op events are mentioned


So on the new hero - the silhouette suggests to me it has a smaller frame so its likely a mid or rear line hero. If you look at People’s Guard, it has 2 tanks, 2 dps, and 2 support/healer roles. My guess is it will be a more dedicated healer. PG healers only provide small amounts of healer or are fairly niche. Either that or a more dedicated dps. All PG dps heroes while good are dependent on others (ronin/honor bound, mauler/comboed with ifrit and halo). A straight dps like clyde or beck might be in order.

We also just had a bio hero come out and a couple energy before that. If I were a betting man I would say a mech healer or mech dps is a pretty likely case.

I just wish we got more of a hint…like simply knowing the element…:slight_smile:

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I’ve seen a dev mention that the element is NOT energy. So bio or mech. :slight_smile:
I hope mech since I just spent all bio frags on Maven.

Very helpful! I have a bunch of energy frags I will now happily pump into halo and ronin :slight_smile:

I tend to agree that it will likely be mech, but hey we did get 2 energy heroes recently so nothing seems to stop them from doing 2 elements in a row.

“Some guy” (can’t remember who, a top player) saw lots of evidence that points to the next hero being a mech. Gotta trust the veterans. But we still can’t be SURE so hold tight to your bio and mech frags.

I’d like to mention that I believe it will be Bio :wink:

Aw, poop-shoots. What did I do.