Community Skin Request

I’m not necessarily requesting for HHG to make these into skins, more like suggestions or ideas.

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Since Min is the “dev” of the simulator, perhaps this would be a fitting epic skin? Just a meta thought.

Hero Name: Artemis
Skin Name: Harlequin


Love that skin @GIR <3

It’s funny but pris got to look a bit like this for Easter

I predict the future

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What do you predict next oh mighty one?

Hero Name: Ifrit
Skin Name: Voodoo
Details: a white skull face paint and a top hat, wearing while clothing. Similar to that of the villain Baron Samedi (of James Bond) and Dr. Facilier (of The Princess and the Frog)

I see this fitting on the count that well…Baron never died. No matter how many times it seemed. And well, Ifrit has the power to bring back those from the dead.

Hero Name: Fischer
Skin Name: Manta
Details: Just as the devil ray of the see and Aquamans nemsis, comes this black/grey skin tone with bright red eyes.

or something more to the lines of old school Justice Friends, it had a blue tone with yellow eyes. but i prefer the other.

gonna end up working on the colors to post later



Hero Name: Cast
Skin Name: Sea Devil (Seavil for short)
Details: Red orange armor detail, red body. it is annoyingly bright and evil