Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

I think Papa Marsh’s point is that players HAVE to buy the new hero in order to access the most important and most valuable bounties which are locked behind the features hero. If this is not Pay to Play then what is?

And this is not even counting the part where aside from the fact that you have to Pay to Play for Yeager bounties… the bounty event as a whole is now firmly Pay to Win.

Is this something you guys are happy with? You DO know that 100% Pay to Win models are always less satisfying for the winners right because it devalues the merit of their wins?? And the losers who cannot keep up the spending commitment have no choice but to drop out of the race.

BTW I thought you guys had already considered this issue because last I heard was that the decision to release Bucket as Pay Only didn’t work out and left significant numbers of locked bounties on the alliance board. Don’t your words mean anything anymore? … I am so disappointed.

Lastly by correcting Papa Marsh’s Pay to Play statement (which I think you did incorrectly) your silence on my post above… is a bit disconcerting (see here Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon ). I make the clear points that

  1. PvP is Pay to Win
  2. Bounty is Pay to Win

And both statements as they stand are accepted without reply from HHG.

I guess that really means I’m right… but it is something terrible to be right about.


Any Updates on this? Are you guys really reading all feedback, It’s unlike the devs to stay silent on this.

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If you are in a serious F2P alliance, what happens when the entire queue inevitably fills up with bounties that not a single player is able to attack? There is a literal paywall to participate in the most valuable part of the event and if your other alliance members have also foregone the Special Offer™, then what?

Labeling this nonsense “pay-to-win” is not spreading misinformation. It is now categorically impossible for serious alliances to participate in the biggest competition in the game without paying ridiculous amounts of gold.


then just quickwin some missions and a new bounty appears.

im just so used to forumites over reacting to changes and freaking out and junk that i just adapt to the change and see how things goes.

and all this talk about “greed”, its like you guys expect things to be done for free. you think businesses can thrive on free. nobody is gonna work for free.

It’s not about that.

Also, I think you are very much mistaken about the content of this thread. The concept that everyone is up in arms about is VALUE. Not greed.

You’re absolutely right that businesses cannot thrive on free. That’s not the point. No one expects free.

But deliver VALUE and no one would have a problem. Safe to say, many of us doubt that VALUE is being created and given.

In this regard:

  • 60 gold for 1st stamina refill… value?
  • 25 gold for bucks exchange to get 10 stamina, 100 team xp and cash (which is good for upgrading 1 skill from 60 --> 61)… is this value?
  • USD 30 for Bucket, a useless pvp and bounty hero with a terrible design and an uninspiring name, with code mechanics lifted 90% from Kobold and 10% mishmashed with Jarek… is this value?
  • USD 50 for Guardian, so terrible upon release that a fix has to be rolled out within 3 days of release? … what was the value there?

If you think these examples above deliver value to you, that’s great, you’re exactly the type of player HHG wants/needs/hopes for. I hope there are more of you spending 60 gold per stamina refill and 25 gold Bucks Exchange everyday, and buying code-copied heroes at USD 30 or 50 so that this game can be kept alive longer.

But not me. Sorry.


What happened to my group in the first bounty with bucket

What are you, lvl 26 played 14 days and VIP 0?
Sure, for a low level player the game still offers some challenges. Not to the thousands of 600+ days players. Nothing is challenging anymore. All the game gives us now is an empty wallet and a highly mediocre new hero, which only is used when asked for and not again.

To be in top of an event, bounty or pvp, you are forced to buy a new hero, forced to buy revives and put some serious hours in to the game. I mean like 8 hours a day. And for what? The rewards have been slowly decreasing in value, even for ordinary missions to obtain gear/items to upgrade your heroes.

So, it is all about greed from HHG. And I don’t have any problems with that they want to make money of the game. As I’m VIP 12 I’ve payed my part to them. But I’m not going to spend $100 a month to play it.

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I try to balance things out by being reasonable and coming with other point of views. So yes I am total AI, and who are you? 14 days visited and you come here disrespecting long-time users like.

Only a faction of the total player base is in here and they’re all whipping each other up to anger. Only a faction of the player base care if they have Yeager or not for for first bounty. Yes, the top 200 alliances are a faction. The other 100.000 players don’t give a freck. They unlock him eventually and they’re glad with that. Only a faction if the player base is dumb enough to feel that their game is taken from them when the price to buy gold, stamina etc. goes up. God knows if Alliance War will give gold rewards enough to even this out. Look at the gold you get from Min’s simulator - it’s hundreds, a thousand? Go buy your stamina overload.

If you think HHG would ONLY listen to and design their game to fit a few 100 players, then wake up sweet heart, it’s morning.
And you say HHG is now “demanding us to play”? Woah shiite dude, play a game? I thought it was a dating app all along.

Discord ain’t this silly mad over these changes so here’s a promise to myself:
This forum is cursed. This is just a catalyst for bad energy.

Thanks for finally making me to decide to leave the forum. Have fun throwing poo around in this sandpit. :kissing_heart:


The problem is how HH tries to frame these changes. That is why players are so upset. They made it seem like these changes would be beneficial to most players but that’s not the case. They are going to cost the vast majority of players more gold to buy cash/sta/skill points. That in turn means more gold purchases with real money. Either that, or more likely than not, most people will not want to buy these resets at all.

Sure, if you want to buy 3x any of these the change benefits you, but who was seriously spending 300 gold a day on skill points, cash, and sta? I know I wasn’t. Sta was the only somewhat decent deal. The cash exchange was never a good trade (10 gold for 1 skill point, basically) and skill points resets are worthless since they are so plentiful (the limiting factor is cash, not the availability of skill points. I sit with the 10 max unable to use them over 75% of the time since I don’t have cash to use them).

Meanwhile they claim they read everything and are trying to fix issues, but the same issues have gone on for several months now with no sign of any fixes. Most heroes in the game are still garbage and need to be fixed. Sandbagging and min/maxing has gotten better, but still is a huge problem. Gorgon is still the exact same as it’s been from the start and no one bothers playing it beyond when they initially start the game. Gauntlet is boring and is auto played by most. Everyone is pretty much strapped for cash since inflation never was addressed. I would love to see a patch where all of these things are fixed and we aren’t force fed yet another under cooked hero.

And don’t get me wrong, I am all for HH making money. I just think they go about it all wrong lately. Increase VIP to level 20 and offer some cool new benefits (a free co-op reset, increased cash from exchange, cool looking skin or portrait, etc). Give us some cool skins that cost gold or money (a couple bucks or hundred gold). Hell, even give us a new hero, but actually balance them and make them unique and interesting. Don’t make it necessary to purchase them to be competitive in every event and don’t force them on us at a rediculous $30 a pop.


Still don’t understand I see.
It’s not “throwing poo in this sand pit”. I’m just telling how I feel about the path the game is taking.

I know most of the new players don’t care much about the higher end of the game. But with over 700 days, it’s kind of boring doing same shit over and over and over and over again. Day in, day out. For close to two years.

And the pvp matchmaking have been an issue since back in the beta version. Still no fix for that.

Gauntlet is, I assume, to a lot of layers just something you do l, not for the fun, not for the challeng but to get cash to get higher skills, buying items and bounties.

Coop… Gorgon Wakes is just like gauntlet. Only difference is that you don’t do it. Sure, there are plenty of players that still do need the rewards, but shall HHG then just ignore the thousands who doesn’t? Give us something challenging too… Add new levels (for sure you don’t think “Deadly lvl 85” is challenging?). Change the rewards for two or three levels above 85, so that it reflects the needs of those players.

As I’ve invested thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars. Am I to just accept that if I want to stay in the top have to invest more and more of both time and money? And at the same time get less and less for the money I invest in the game?

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Looking at how this thread has 150< replies, this is one big issue…

Yo guys.

Here’s the story.
Obviously the main goal of every business is to make money. As business grows new apertures is discovered to make more money.
The subscribers of HH has raised significantly which means more people ready to pay more and more to get ahead. This is it. The targeted community (paying Users)is at decent level, lets commence new plan of making money. What’s the threat? Some will nag and very fewer would leave. Let it be. Most of them have invested so much time and money to give up. More money means more advertisements which would cover the lost Users.

So If you should wake up one day and saw the warning “charge to play” don’t be so shocked. They have enough people to feed them now.

You would loose a bounty? Is it that much important? To hell with that. Let them know that they cannot make money by deception.

Be united and stay on this ground till we can get our fair HH back.


@Papa_Marsh upon further research and personal experience, I must say that you have convinced me of a few things.

  1. I now see the issue with high leveled restock prices. I rarely ever use the restocks, so I didn’t see it as an issue for me. However, the other day I ran out of stamina while getting a hero to plat. I really really wanted to plat him, so I purchased ONE stamina restock. That stamina restock cost me 2.5x more than it normally would have before the update. I didn’t need another stamina reset after that. I can see why high prices are going to become very egregious very soon.

  2. Something I forgot about in regards to the hero frags per co-op run was the fact that while I’m usually pretty on time with getting the hero, some others are not. My alliance often runs up to 5 runs a day with a member lagging behind to get them as many shards as possible. Looks like that won’t be happening anymore.

  3. I cannot speak for skill point or buck exchange prices. I never use them ever.

  4. It does seem like a push toward Pay to Win, especially for bounties. I’m a VIP1, so I do not want to pay anything if I don’t have to. The only reason I actually spent cash was for the VIP 1 benefits. Making it difficult to obtain heroes needed for bounties and then pushing out as many of those needed hero bounties as there are when playing bounty ends up in a lot of lost damage points unless you are willing to pay for the new hero.

After some research I see your point, and furthermore apologize for not seeing it earlier. It was rather foolish of me.

We’ll see what the devs do about this mess that seems to have been made.


@Gambit I appreciate your follow-up and have a lot of respect for your approach with your response. I apologize as well for coming on strong; my intensity was beyond what the situation called for and for that, I’m sorry. While I maintain my position regarding the update, the reaction I had toward your disagreeing opinion was unwarranted.


I was in a terrible mood to yesterday, probably didn’t sleep enough haha


I’m a f2p player. I’ve been playing for over a year and have to admit that these new changes appear to be a cash grab. Even VIP players are complaining. The bucket release was terrible. The Yaeger release is a little better but why limit daily attainable frags of the featured hero. So that p2w players can have even more of an advantage? If they’re complaining about paying and losing to f2p players the cause is that they haven’t developed the skills to win because they pay for everything instead of earning it. If they’re winning because they’re paying then what’s the issue?

Then the additional frags issued in the yaeger raid aren’t even from the featured faction. Why? Also, the faction crate offers no opportunity to get yaeger no matter how slim and Artemis isn’t even available as an option to win from the crate. Why?

Additionally, even the tapjoy offers appear to be rewarding less gold. Yesterday a hello fresh deal was offering 2300 in gold. Today the same deal is offering only 1k in gold. What gives? How much strong arming are you willing to do to get people to pay cash? I understand the game needs to make money but the economics don’t jive here. The game existed with regular updates without trying to gouge everyone pre-Bucket for at least a year. I know f2p players get looked down on but I’m sure plenty of them are watching tons of videos and ads which still results in revenue. I’d also have to guess that there are more players contributing whether f2p or p2w. So what is going on?

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Funny people on this forum… Flagging post left and right for no reason…


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[quote=“Gambit, post:102, topic:11523”]
I always have the hero before bounty
Bucket was only available to buy before 1st bounty then was available via co-op to collect fragments for the 2nd bounty which brings me to question how you were able to get Bucket before the first bounty by farming level 70 co-op ?

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I did get lucky and manage to get Bucket from the faction crate before the first bounty last month. Two others in my alliance were lucky too. That let us stay somewhat competitive. That’s not even a possibility anymore though.


I did not realize that option, I was going based of the discussion and applied it to obtaining the character by co-op befor the 1st bounty…