Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

Then delete your comment that you only confuse the players.

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Thank you for your oh so valuable comment.

Before this escalates:

Everyone please take a moment to re-read the entirety of the FAQ/Guidelines, especially the part about keeping conversations civil. I don’t want to have to start handing out time-outs. Keep it classy.

I find this spot on. Culture has changed so much. It can be seen in this forum itself: so any people including me asked questions and clarification to update notes but none of them were answered by devs and only dev response I see is about following guidelines and rules and clicking the button.

There were good times when devs chatted on VIP and responded in forum, even people trying to troll got responses and kept it so much cool and fun. Now its just scary to post an honest opinion because you never know which guideline/rule you might end up breaking.

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I agree with you…

If you’re not breaking the guidelines, you have nothing to worry about.

It’s been said dozens of times, but I’ll repeat:

The developers read every message that gets posted. We take all feedback into account. We could reply to every post, and tell you if we like your idea, and what we plan to do with every aspect of the game going forward. You would only see an update every few months, as we would be spending most of our time talking about games rather than making them.

There are things we can comment on, and some we can’t comment on. Things constantly change in game development. Deadlines shift, features get delays, and some things get fast tracked. We can’t possibly commit to the extreme level of transparency some people expect. We try to be as open about things as we can, but not every developer has time to devote to being an active forum participant, and we have strict rules in place to prevent early information leaks. Blowing all of our plans out of the water isn’t something we want.

That being said, we still appreciate every piece of feedback. And believe it or not, we DO take what you say to heart. I would love to be able to reply to every question, and promise everything you guys want, but that’s just not possible. We do discuss each and every bit of feedback, weighing it against multiple factors like feasibility and scope. Game development is a careful balance; want vs. need comes up a lot. While you may think a particular “fix” is quick and easy, I can assure you, it’s not, and there’s a good reason why we haven’t done a particular thing you might be asking about. We can’t always share that reasoning with you.

But we hear you, and we appreciate the feedback. I wish we could share all of our internal discussions as proof that we take your feedback into consideration. Please note that we can’t really say if we like your suggestions, or plan to use them, for legal reasons. Everything you suggest does get discussed, and many times, the best ideas fall in line with what we’ve already been planning, which is a happy accident.

I can’t provide the concrete proof that you’re looking for. All I can ask for is the same trust I always ask for. Trust that we’re doing our best to do right by our player base and show our appreciation while remaining solvent. We can’t have a community without a game, and we can’t have a game without a community. It’s a tricky balance, and we thank you for your support.


This is great to hear. As a player, I do want to know that the developers are actually listening to the community. It provides reassurance in certain situations where it is really needed.

In my opinion, having an update every few months with more of that “talking” would actually be better. More interaction with less updates can be better than less interaction with more updates. Perhaps it’s less “cost effective”, but it helps the community to not freak out, lol. Just knowing “hey, we hear you guys with this issue” is reassuring. :wink:

I’m curious, are fan hero concepts discussed? You did say “we can’t really say if we like your suggestions, or plan to use them, for legal reasons”, which is a bummer, so if you can’t answer I understand.

As a (fan) content creator, I’m always curious to know how certain concepts would work / wouldn’t work (such as with Shiloh). Admittedly, I’m very curious to hear a developer’s general thoughts on such concepts (especially if one has gotten a lot of feedback/views).

Thank you for THIS. ^ A very rational response, I will say it speaks to the level of quality that HH offers.

Perhaps it’s communication / developer interaction that the community really misses. It’s such an encouragement when a dev takes the time to respond to a fanficton, or give a balanced, “safe” answer to feedback ideas. Even to pop in and say hi. Many of us are invested in the game, which means we’re invested in you guys, and your thoughts. Personally, that’s what I really wish to see, even more than the monthly updates.

Thanks for the work you do!


What happened to this thread? How can we continue to trust the devs when these issues are covered up without proper replies.

Our trusted community contributor has left genuine feedback about the game’s shortcomings. He has also explained his 2nd post (although with similar titles is more to address the common issue rather than his support ticket himself)

Many other active members have also left valuable feedback about the issue in the thread. The post has been removed. I agree that it doesn’t look good for the devs but the truth is, these issues that are causing so much unhappiness are still in game.

I am disheartened to see issues like this being swept under the carpet. We look forward to your considerate reply.


I’m not saying you don’t discuss ideas and suggestions made by us players. But it’s frustrating, to say the least, when we’ve wanted a fix or change for a few things (co-op difficults and change, Gauntlets lack of challenge and pvp matchmaking) and you spend “all your time” developing a new gameplay that nobody (that I know of) ever asked for. A game play that I’ve not heard one positive comment about. Sure, it could be fun for some…

I remember, even if it’s close to two years now, how fun it was when I managed to complete all five stages of the gauntlet. Sure, it killed all my heroes but a few, but I made it. Now, all I do is let it run on auto. Really doesn’t matter what guys I use or if it’s three or five no matter what stage, I know I’ll make it. So, it’s boring and I only do it for the money rewards. The same goes for Gorgon Wake. I’ll do one each day, and it’s only for complete the daily quests. No need for the rewards, and it’s boring to do it otherwise (I’ve probably played thousands of Gorgon over the 700 days I’ve played.

I do understand that all things might not have a quick fix, and we don’t expect or demand that it is done quick. But some feedback that you do try to fix things would be nice. Or that you don’t intend to fix some of the issues, as you maybe not consider it to be anything wrong with how some elements work.

Bounty you did a good change to. Like the new, short time bounty. And that you didn’t had to have the latest hero to play. Then came Brogan. You realized your misstake and changed it so it wasn’t necessary to have him (too few bought him I assume?). And now it seams we’re back to that square when one need to buy a certain hero.

I don’t want all to be free. I know this is your job and it’s ok that you make some money. I too charge my customers for my services.

Most talk on my different Discord channels is about people thinking of quitting now. Of course that have many different reasons, but for many this latest update and increasing price levels and p2w will be the final nail… And it’s sad that it might come to this. I really enjoyed the game and all new friends from all over the world I’ve got during these two years.

So, hope you can keep the game exciting and I might add a third year to my account… Alliance War, as it was in the both Beta sessions, will not do it for me.


Yeah, most people I’ve talked to aren’t thrilled with how things have changed.

Although I really like the concept and strategy, the cost is fairly steep. Maybe 30 for the stamina and 20 for bucks exchange.

Just my opinion.


You hit the nail on the head. I just started playing this game and I capped my spending of gold after 1 or maybe 2 purchases on both stamina and bucks. Now, I won’t be buying buying gold as much because I won’t using it for stamina and bucks no where near as much as I used. I mean really, these are some hefty increases that I think they will come to regret.

Actions speak louder than words. People have to stop buying refills. That’s the only way to get it changed. I for one will not be Buying refills anymore. Instead I will be saving my gold for the new hero every month.


Aside from the numerous options to play within the game, I’ve often said that I greatly appreciate the responsiveness of the devs. Your team has done right by me on a couple occasions and this keeps me in the game. I get that you guys are busy and can’t compose a dissertation to every bit of feedback, but a simple response to acknowledge the suggestion was received and will be passed on or is already under consideration should be a priority. The key to ANY successful relationship is communication and said comms must be a 2 way street. Maybe even tapping the like button or adding a Dev acknowledgement button for posts could be added to the forum. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of your response, and do not have any sense that we’re receiving automated responses (i. e., your not AI) meaning you’re an imperfect human who perhaps overlooked a post. It can happen, I get it. Between the pissing and moaning I think we generally enjoy the game. We’re taking time out of our day and I think it’s reasonable to expect some degree of feedback (if only minimal) is provided.


So prices for cash, stamina, and skill points go up, yet gold for dalies is still the same? Talk about greed

They go up only for those who bought cash, stamina and skill points just one or two times. For those buying stamina, cash and skill points several times it didn’t go up.
Simple maths here is to not buy once each day but save and buy several times ones each week instead. Win.

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You’re missing my point. Cash went from 10=25 stamina 40=60 skill points 10=20 daily gold 30=30 after the new currency update. That makes no sense

That’s not me missing your point. I am aware of these changes.
Cash was always like 10, next purchase 20, then 40. Now it’s 20 static not matter if you buy 10 times per day. So just save up, don’t buy once per day, buy several instead after you saved up enough gold to gain from these changes.
IF you really gotta buy cash etc. Even for 10 gold the deal isn’t good.

Well when you’re f2p it’s pointless because you only get one reset

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it’s private
how r we meant to acess it ?