Co-op Hero Fragments and Currency Changes Coming Soon

It’s not all about getting the new hero. All focus is on that. And yes, you can do, relatively, good in bounty without one of the bonus heroes. But it’s so much more than getting new hero. I’m a 700+ player (that means I’ve played a lot) and I don’t have all heroes. And I’m not complaining about that. The main complaints is that we get less and less value for money spent. For new heroes monthly that only comes to play in two bounties, then stright back to the closet and never to be used again (until next time that fraction is bonus for bounty).

It’s about us wanting something to happen with both Gauntlet and Gorgon Wakes for a long time and nothing happens. We get Alliance War instead.

It’s about rewards for events. Sure, they might seem fine and needed for a new player, but not for the top players still striving to getting stronger. This frag event for example. None of the rewards gives me any value. None. Why don’t give some to all instead? Why don’t change the rewards for Gorgon as a quick fix? I’d say no one in my alliance plays more than one Gorgon and that’s for daily quests. Do I need to say it’s all on auto?

So, no, it’s not about getting the newest hero for free. It’s about so much more. But I guess you only see what you want to see.


I think you missed this about Gauntlet when Huginn cleared few things out Here

I understand what problems we have and what they can offer. My point was being that we can be competitive even without hero in first bounty. They can put a raid even after first bounty if they want but I wish that the raid gives us much more frag than what I am seeing right now. We will end up with 60 frags from raid in 8 days (what we been told) but that would only unlock character.

I would rather prefer not having character in first bounty I would rather, atleast at end of faction month, have a 5* character solely from raids like before so we can actually think of investing gold or fragments from booster crates. P2W can still have incentives here with PVP events and first bounty over others. F2P like us wouldn’t mind if we are able to catch up after this certain time-period and we can grind with remaining characters in that time in that faction month.

I stopped playing Gorgan (except for quest) already after I passed 100th day in game and I completely understand what you saying. What I meant was we can be competitive even without having new hero (and that’s only point I wanted to state because it is spreading like wildfire that you can’t be competitive). Gorgon rewards are very stale and maybe if they give Gear Chest (depending on level we played and gave away like plat gears after 10 clears of level 80) like PvP has for 5 hero frags then that atleast might make it better.

Sing retired after feeling less valued as a loyal player for more than a year and I think after hearing it from veterans, devs sure will have to plan more in store for this batch of players who been playing this game for long. After all I will be standing at your place one day, and game can’t grow if after a year gaming I find boredom - whats point of putting on all that work then? We started playing because of boredom. There should always be roam to progress.

I respect long time players because they have been one supporting game to make it visible to us gamers. Game needs a certain recalibration so old players break out of monotone and if they can’t get better reward, they can at least get rewarded indirectly for being loyal by either making it less time consuming so they can actually feel it worthwhile by not having to grind like new players. And that being said - new players have chance to grow without being walled too much by P2W system. I believe that it’s alright to paywall certain things to give incentive but it should be with a reason and worth it.

I am sorry if my reply came out of context. I was representing only a part of answer. I had read string of replies which stated that they were robbing competitive players chance to score good in first bounty and players cannot be competitive without new hero. It is not necessary to have new hero to be in top 100 alliance - you got 50-70 other characters to grind and compensate.

All I wanted to say that it isn’t a burning issue that new hero won’t be available for bounty, issue is if that hero will be farmable so that players can invest on it rather that just growing it from gold. In journey to be 7* (to have hero at least viable for any use) - we need 585 frags and they are only giving 60-80 frag. Are we gonna buy rest of them from gold, now that they are taking away heronium sources from players, both new and old?

We both represent different ends of a spectrum since I am lot newer and F2P but we both seem to be in bracket of competitive players in this game. I hope I cleared my point :slightly_smiling_face:

There are plenty of issues among players but what we need is to pitch our opinions and let them work on it. If we keep getting intangled among ourselves, argue each other for being newbie/being a veteran/being casual/having no life/being F2P/being a VIP - it just doesn’t look like a community. Everyone who is playing this game has right to voice out, no matter even if its their first day playing this game or first time being here. We are after all in this together and log-in into same game, play and curse same characters and situations at end of day :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this April Mass Update addresses most of issues for everyone.


I agree, @KET4N. And I have read the post of the April update.

As devs they have a delicate issue to see that both new and veterans, and all in between, have a good experience with the game. One aspect is the rewards. Another is the difference in difficulty.

Sham-Rocked is one way to do it, but the reward stops to early. If your “only” around 500K power you’ll make it to the top tier rewards without to much trouble, if any. There they have an excellent opportunity to give platinum gears as rewards. If your to weak you don’t have the same need for the rewards, and so it doesn’t matter that much that you don’t get them. But with the rewards on frag blitz event I don’t even care to collect any rewards I unintentionally get. Only because I don’t need them. Ever again.

And, as I’ve said earlier, I don’t maid that HHG wants to make some money off their product. On the contrary. It is (was?) a great game and I have gladly payed for playing since early beta.

I will not go on, because I think we are of the same opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy hunting!

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In case a dev in the future comes back to this thread for Gorgon suggestions, I think it’d be nice to substitute Gorgon rewards for Gold and Platinum throwing stars instead. I don’t think any other gear item is better at being both a necessity, and a rarity imo


Entièrement d’accord, gorgon, je le fais plus depuis plusieurs mois maintenant et je suis pas le seul

We’ve heard every conceivable suggestion for Gorgon. That one’s been brought up in the past. Don’t worry! IF the time comes to refresh it, we have a lifetime of feedback to draw from that you guys have provided. Thanks!


No. You just have to learn to adapt.

so, will my Dragon be added?