Clearing Campaign Mode Team Suggestion

I guess easy way is indeed just ten star four bar level 90 well balanced team my list is just for cheesing or if you don’t have such powerful heroes lol

if that is the safe requirement, looks like i still have a very long way to go…currently at level 69…haha…

i use that method all the time when i saw something going wrong… :sweat_smile:

Now that I think about it… how can ai defeat any team that has gold mandrake? Just use relocation and hide there doing nothing. They can’t target invisible players so wouldn’t they just keep on getting healed back up, go invisible, heal up, et cetera? It seems like the only potential problem would be getting one shot at 40% health but throw in Flatline and a shielder and it seems you’re good to go. I guess there’s time out issues though if you only have two dps and sit there doing nothing as mandrake

this is a campain mission, are you even sure pvp teams work? ( referiring to your first post)

Oops on the 5v3 assumption. Odachi is still good to have around to kill weaker guys and heckler can quickly burst damage in any situation. The rest of the teams should do fine regardless of pvp or pve. I might be wrong about ronin min max it’s been a while since i use it

letting you know, i have a 8* 3 bar heckler plat and my god he dies faster than my lvl 68 7* Borgan i got yesterday.

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