Can we have a strong bio DPS?

Hey RYan how did you do that where you can see the weapon

Click the info icon on a character, then look at their weapon in the lower right hand side and click on that.

I’ve been doing some very rough math, and I think Wesson could actually be a good DPS character when surrounded mostly by UAF. If you put together a team of him, Butters, Night, Ryker and Heim (or Drake), you’d have a pretty balanced team that could really start tearing it up once his death mark comes online.

Wesson’s DPS is pretty good. As you know, mine is plat, but he also has the plat skill at lvl 90, and I run him on an all UAF team; the DPS is good.

His health is also good with his skill. The health he gives his allies with that skill though is pretty negligible. My Butters is under-leveled right now, and that’s crippling the team, but I’m working on it.

Yeah, Butters draws a ton of attention with his taunt and dies really often for a tank. I don’t actually like Wesson all that much as a DPS hero, but death mark has to be one of the better abilities, and could be pretty useful as a Kurtz killer.

One of the comments by @Dagamepro was about finding a good anti-shielder, which is a hero concept that came to mind a while back. Basically, the premise of the hero is that the more shielding an enemy team has, the more damage they take. This gives incentives for healing/shielding/dps balances.

Maven used to be a beast but got nerfed hard and now she’s super squishy. She could use an armor or health boost for sure. She still does pretty good damage but even that was cut back a while ago. Her quick fire rate and reload time is good and her skills work well too. She just needs more health or armor to once again be the beast she was intended to be. If you can keep her alive long enough, which is almost impossible, she can wipe out Kurtz fairly quickly.

Legit I don’t think there are any great bio DPS heroes, and I also think bio is missing something as a group.

It feels like mech has the best DPS heroes and maybe the best healers. They’re the straightforward, pure power option.

Energy probably has the strongest overall abilities, between shielding (Butters, Min and Vanguard are all viable), summoning ability (really, Castellan is the only viable hero that can do this, but Hivemind, Xianju and Hallway all come to mind), and other cool abilities like Flatline’s revive. Energy gives you the coolest abilities, but it takes a while to get all of it going.

Bio’s theme would probably be some form of disabling, which would in theory be a perfect counter to mech’s damage output. However, bio doesn’t have any great disablers since Mauler was nerfed. Not only that, but the best disablers from the other groups (Frank the Shank and Alvarez) probably outclass them at this point. I don’t think they have the best abilities, they don’t have the best DPS; I struggle to think of anything that makes bio a really cool group. Bio really needs some love IMO.

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Wait, what? Maven’s skills are terrible in pretty much all game modes. Unless you have someone to root, they are easily dodged. That can be said about any similar abilities. Even in PVE the AI easily dodges the abilities. The only place they are decent is Gorgon Wake’s because the Gorgon doesn’t move much. Even then other heroes burn it down much faster.

I would like to see Maven’s silence sped up, or insta land. That would at least make her decent in PVP, even with the low health. Then she could silence heroes and also do decent DPS, while still being squishy.

Yeah, Maven’s DOT is ok, but the silence skill really could use being homing, like Phoenix’s skill, since it misses almost like 100% of the time, to bring it to term

Yeah, all of the area denial skills are pretty meh IMO. You need to wait for the ability to actually charge up, then you need to use it on a rooted or slowed opponent. There’s too much that has to go right for it to actually score a knockout, while someone with a strong DPS hero just has to, you know…shoot a gun. I think they could be improved by like, doubling the size of damage area, so a hero has to roll twice to get out of it, or something like that. That way the character has to spend time moving, and is actually likely to take some damage.

I’ve been running with a Wesson team (Wesson, Ryker/Panzer, Butters, Night and Heim). So far, I’m pretty underwhelmed. I haven’t leveled him or Ryker to 6 stars yet (they’re each at 5) so I’m withholding final judgment for now, but it seems like just an okay team. Death mark takes a while to come online, his plat boosts his damage but not by a ton (by my calc, his plat boosts his damage by about 30% when I have 3 other UAF heroes), and even when I have death mark up, there aren’t a lot of strong DPS options on the team to take advantage of it.

The UAF thing is pretty underwhelming. It does take a long time for death mark, Oracle’s skills, and 4 Hivemind drones, to come online. When I play them, many times Butters dies quick and it’s all over even quicker from there. But, if Butters manages to get his shields online . . . allowing you to survive until death mark/orbital bombardment . . . because death mark insta-regens upon a kill . . . it’s like playing a team that starts awful, gets stronger very slowly, then stronger exponentially.

Yeah, at the end when you’re casting death mark after death mark it goes pretty fast, but most games go fast enough when you’re playing 5 on 3. The problem is getting there, and Wesson is just…okay at it. I could see him being a much better character after more UAF heroes are released, but at the moment I don’t think there are enough synergies within UAF to field a balanced team.

So you were playing your’s with Night…I can’t do that because my Night is max level (other UAF’s are not) and it would be super-min-maxing (i.e. a matchup level penalty). But you’re saying even with Night they still don’t survive long enough to make it to death mark?! Sheesh.
I wouldn’t say my UAF United team is tier-1, but it wins at least like 40% of the time, which I am okay with. Also though, as we discussed, in the higher bracket, I am accustom to a lower win rate than you are, especially when playing Tier-2/Tier-3 teams.

I’ll usually survive long enough to make it to death mark, but it’s a dicey proposition from there out. Death mark usually comes online in around 20 seconds, which is forever in PVP time (my other good teams end about 70% of matches in ~30 seconds). I can usually get one kill in with death mark, because I’ll use it on the guy Wesson’s been attacking for 20 seconds, but after the first kill, I’m staring at 4 enemies with pretty close to full health, and the second death mark usually doesn’t chain. At this point, if I’m playing a decent team they’re about to kill my Butters, and it starts to get dicey after that.

I think the difference is my UAF has Wesson/Hivemind/Oracle/Halloway/Butter: So the Hivemind, Halloway are building up in strength while Butter and Wesson’s Plat help get them to death mark. That, and Oracle’s bombardment coming online late game, means if we make it to death mark, we’ve probably won. In contrast, your Panzer explodes in DPS right at the beginning, then whittles out. Your Ryker doesn’t get stronger over the match either. I think the UAF team is really a slow creep up kind of thing. However, my team would likely be improved by something that adds staying power from the beginning, like Min, Phalanx, or Heimlock. Maybe you should try Wesson, Butter, Heimlock, Halloway, Oracle/Night, that way the Halloway becomes a finishing move at least. Death mark attracts fire from all drones, and clones was my thought.

Yeah, I agree that I need some sort of finisher outside of Wesson. I’ve thought about using Halloway or Hivemind, but the problem is that I’d tilt very heavily into energy, at which point I’d be extremely, extremely vulnerable to Panzer or any other big mech DPS.

Oracle might disorient that unit off the bat, Night might save him. Energy tilt has always been a problem for UAF. It ain’t perfect. I pilot butter and even try to destroy the DPS’s cover for that extra second of stagger off the bat.

The thing is that I have two teams that are 90%+ win rate, and I run out of time before I run out of hearts. Any other team that I build out has to have a 90%+ win rate for me to be interested in fielding them. Gotta be perfect or real near, ya know?