Bounty Final Straw.... Thoughts on leaving

Just to echo the thoughts of many, this bounty change wasn’t needed and has annoyed a large portion of the user base. If it doesn’t revert afterwards I imagine we will see a large decline in users which will affect the game. The poor communication is also worrying, why would they not mention this before and get the opinions of there users as it’s a massive change to what is meant to the premium event in the game. Will be interesting to see a response on Monday from hh

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I wasn’t posting to be like a crybaby. It’s not even just bounty, it’s about everything else that made the game fun and enjoying for particular people and the lack of communication the devs are having now. And if u think me posting about that is crying ohh well. Because telling someone to leave isn’t going to help the game, and new players isn’t going to keep the game afloat.

Let’s just stop fighting each other or repeat the same stuff, I think we will all benefit more if we start giving good feedback, positive or negative, just not those unnecessary attacks towards each other, there’s enough bad stuff so we don’t need to drag that in here

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Thank you and that’s why I needed to post about it in my fashion because long time players and buyers are having a tough time with the unannounced change

Thank you and I can respect a difference in opinion in a respectful manner

Going to be a buzzkill here, But there are a few threads on the forums complaining about the length, or at least the event being “time consuming”

I don’t want to call out specific people, but here are some previous forum posts about the length, some are more explicit then others:


Can we please discuss bounty

Can we please discuss bounty

Bounty - a glitchy and unengaging event

Running bounty in the background

Running bounty in the background

All of the posts/threads i listed had some form of disapproval of the length or the time they had to dedicate to bounties.
The problem with a lot of forum posts that complain about issues in the game is it draws more people who agree with that stance to comment, rather then have people argue against it. Most people come on here to state their anger towards something that they want fixed/changed/ or added. Not everyone or every post is like this, but when the devs see most of the players agreeing with a topic or generating a lot of discussion on them, it comes across as something the players want changed, especially if it can be found on multiple threads.

I’m not saying that the way they decide to shorten the bounty was perfect (One of the people suggested the increased auto play), but there were indeed people were stating that the current length was more time consuming then they wanted.


Point made. Devs heard complaints about bounty and made a tweak to it. Yeah, knowing up front would’ve helped in strategy. Devs did release an in game message rather quickly though. Now we talk about what isn’t great about the tweak. Good thing is that the tweak was major enough that the next change is likely to fall somewhere between this current set and the previous set. It’s always better to make a big change at first so that we can get and give the proper feedback to get what we really want, vice something we would settle for/tolerate. Be patient.

People did complain and devs came up with solution for the problem. Appreciate their effort on coming up with a solution, Its just that this wasn’t the best one or in this case not even a good one. This solution has changed gaming experience by a lot. I think I have mentioned couple solutions in one of the threads like increasing the recharge time or may be reducing to 2 lives instead of 3. I think those solution would have still made bounty less rigorous and would have probably been accepted in a better way.

Anyways, for such a big change I think it is better to take opinion and votes instead of just doing it.

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I’m always patient hence why I’m waiting to see the next change but a lot of people was just disappointed and we was expressing that disappointment especially when the devs used to always tell us stuff prior. And making a big change like that and to see the damage later isn’t the smartest move when majority of the community didn’t have a problem with bounties themselves. The event is extremely long, shortening the bounties attacks doesn’t change that and most people rather 3X speed because it’s optional and bounty hunters like myself loved scoring high and playing with their whole rosters


That kinda goes back to what I stated above though, The devs use this forum as a way to understand some of the concerns and changes the players want. This is essentially where they get the opinions and votes of the players along with stuff mentioned in the discord and when they pop up in VIP chat. Devs are never going to know what you enjoy about the game, what you would want to see fixed, or anything else if you’re not willing to be a voice in this community.

If the only time you come to the forums is to complain about a change that was made after it has been done (Not saying any one here is) you gotta understand that most of these ideas did not just come out of the blue and were probably discussed on here or the discord. If you have opinions you want heard then by all means go ahead and make a thread! Have a discussion about them with other players, a lot of the people on here will engage with you. The more discussion we as players have on what we like and dislike on this game the better it will get.

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As much as I agree with the idea, I personally believe this is not always how a good product is made. Yes listening to the community is a part of it, but the other part is raw data analysis. How do you think Netflix is so successful? They use raw data of how much people watch, how long they watch it for, they use complex tagging and naming conventions for complicated searches to provide people with tailored results when the open the program. None of this comes from the customer telling them anything. Its raw data from behavior.

I would hope HH has data of the most used heroes, when people play the most, how many people participated in bounty or a given event so they can adjust accordingly. Dont get me wrong, community voiced opinion is great, but what we actually do in game can speak louder than our words. I would have to imagine less people engaged this bounty. Not even in the sense of a boycott, but that it just wasnt as fun. That alone should show in data that can be reviewed. If not, well the community has certainly made its voice known.

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Oh no I definitely don’t doubt that they have information for what ever they want. I think having a game like this is a little different then Netflix though. Sure they have the information on what heroes are being played the most but that doesn’t really tell you why. Same thing with bounty, what if they saw a decrease in play over the last month? Data is not going to tell you why theirs a decrease, only that there is one. That’s what the forums are for.

I’m not doubting that less people probably played this bounty either. They saw some concerns about amount of time people had to invest into bounties and decided to make a change. They made the wrong one and have even stated that is probably wasn’t the best way to address it. I understand not every change can be solely on user feedback, and its no where close to that. But engaging with the players does give them a sense of why a certain hero is strong, why an event is popular or not.

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True data collection is not the same for sure, but I’m sure there is raw data they can get from this event. I know my alliance placed higher than usual and though we did put in work, I would bet others had less action than normal. Again, I dont think a boycott is the way to go since it doesnt help them much with data collection. But a drop in the amount of play from regulars during this event should tell them something. At least I hope it would.

Plus I know they present unique purchases to everyone base on their play and purchase habits/vip levels. They have stated as such. So I’m sure they have data. I just hope they can use it effectively for something like this when it doesnt quite work as intended. They have done some other neat fixes so I have faith in them.

Yea I mean another change that was requested for a long time was increased tier rewards and to make them challenging. Thats a huge positive that was added to this bounty that many players have been asking for.

The first bounty after the global launch only like 15 teams or something reached 30k points. Most alliances now in the top 100 can hit that mark in a day or less. Now we have alot harder tiers to obtain which I think is a great thing. The rewards are not game changing, but they allowed alliances to continue to compete for something besides just a spot in the rankings.

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I did give that feedback earlier about bounty with other suggestions and so did others. I have seen multiple forums about bounty feedback but haven’t seen recommendation to reduce bounty duration to 40 secs. And that goes back to my point, if devs are picking up a solution of their own or the one that did get some love then they can atleast discuss that they are considering it, to get an opinion what others think before making change of this intensity. Also I did not see what you are referring as votes here or when did that happen?

I will repeat what I said earlier, I appreciate devs hearing the concern but for such things knowing the solution and taking votes from HH players will avoid this thing from happening again.

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Yes the milestone changes was positive. I do think they can go down slightly so that more than the top 10 alliances can get a sense of completion. Or maybe they can separate tiers based on alliance rank like they do for player rank in pvp? In either case that was a change i liked. Milestones felt more like ministones :slight_smile:

Milestone will be hard in the lawgiver month believe me :rofl::rofl:


I have major work to do on KLG heroes haha…

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No, for goodness’ sake, please don’t baby down the milestones!

The entire point before was that they were so easy that it was trivial for any kinda serious alliance to get every tier. We FINALLY have an actual reward for high-performing alliances and now you’re complaining that they’re too hard.

Thats the point.

To be perfectly honest, I wish there were even harder milestones that not even 808/251 could get to. They’re meant to be a GOAL, not a GIVEN. The fact that only a handful of alliances got the top tier is one of the best things that’s happened to bounty.


I’ve been complaining/asking for better milestone, the devs did an amazing job.

They gave us a lot of more free time, amazing.

Are some things flawed the current state? Yes, but they gave us a quick fix just before then went home to have a decent weekend themselves, yes they are “people” to :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Instead of 19 posts about saying leave or feed or hungry or cash grab or go make me a sandwich woman we can suggest to contribute @Papa_Marsh his post and clean and please remove the rest of them, every discussion or topic has been trampled down.

Have a good night!

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