Bounty BUG

Worst is, that if you are in english chat you at least get some information there. In german chat there is no Admin. Only source of information is discord and it gets lost there fast, because of all the replys.

Ready to leave this game,

I thought that the devs worked with a small group on this game, so we can’t expect them to fix everything in a second, I lose my shit once in a while and am annoyed by min max, revive, op hero’s and stuff, etc.

But I still enjoy the game, if you want to leave, leave, dude I’ve never seen before who just created an account to complain, go you won’t be missed, so all this spam and hate won’t help them.



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ya este juego está poniéndose cada vez peor en vez de mejorar,vengo aquí porque lo e estado jugando desde hace tiempo y compre vip ,por eso vengo a reclamar ,

there’s not enough time to even charge your skills? can y’all PLEASE get someone who ACTUALLY PLAYS THE GAME to oversee these changes? if we have half the time as usual then we should be doing half the damage, but sometimes most the damage takes time to build, like hiveminds drones paired with halo. and you literally have 5 seconds to use your skills and that’s if you hit your target every shot. this is just a horrible idea lol, i guess anyone that doesn’t nerf night is gonna be this out of touch with the gameplay experience cuz c’mon wtf is going on over there lol it’s becoming comical

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This crap skills barely charge etc complete waste of time no info this has to be another error and tbey tell us they meant this what a joke

Don’t share ur grievances with me, I can’t do jackfischer. I’m just here to share the info I’ve been given.

Who was talking to you in the first place
I was talking through the pic you posted to those coward devs by keeping their mouthes shut and dont have the guts to tell us the real explanation why they done this or why they didnot notify us earlier
And they will keep Ignoring us
I know i might get banned for saying this

Very sorry if i annoyed you mate we r all on the same boat together

Here’s my deal. My Dogface did not start out with 60% charge on skills. We killed everyone in first wave. Move to second phase, did not get a warning for Graviton Surge until it was already flying at my face. Dogface gets lifted for 10 seconds, down to 6 seconds left on the clock. Bounty leaves with 3 seconds left.

For those keeping track, that’s three seconds my dogface had in the second phase. No skills useable. GG