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You’re the strongest player around :rofl:

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and i just noticed the name. i mean, i didnt put things together until Krat said something

What do you mean @GIR ?

Means I wouldn’t have put 2 and 2 together to realize he was one of the strong ones

Definitely continue reporting to player support. The response they send you is a standard one, as they can’t tell you “yep, that guy is getting banned” or not due to information privacy. They can’t give you information about what’s happening or not happening with another user’s account.

So continue sending in reports and screenshots for players that you feel are legitimately abusive. That being said:

  1. Reports take time to thoroughly investigate. If you had a report against you, I imagine you would want to be fairly assessed so that you’re not punished unfairly. Let’s make sure we’re giving support time to do their job thoroughly!

  2. You won’t be told whether that person is receiving punitive action or not as, again, it’s not information they can give you. You can take matters into your own hands by following support’s advice and blocking users you don’t wish to hear from while you wait for support to conduct their investigation.

Automatic systems, or easier access to reporting, can create situations where users begin unfairly reporting other users who aren’t at fault. This creates a much heavier load on support, as they’ll need to vet those reports, and that means legitimate issues may be delayed. I’ll definitely pass your feedback about an easier reporting method on to the rest of the team, but I can’t guarantee you’ll see exactly what you want due to the potential for abuse. If there was a more perfect system, trust me, we would have implemented it already, but we’re open to any feedback, under the understanding (as always) that things aren’t always as easy and simple as they appear in game development :slight_smile:


To be completely honest, I agree.

Adding a ‘report’ button would lead to people reporting for the stupidest of reasons, like losing a PvP match.

The fact that reporting someone through support takes some time, persuades from doing these kind of things.

@Muninn, I understand, it’s also a good thing privacy is highly protected, I wouldn’t like it if my info would be out in the streets for no reason.(even though Google and Facebook probably know more about me then I know about myself :joy: )

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