August Update Notes

Good update
But a little notice
Matador at lvl 70 / gold / 7 stars
It says heals 31800 per second for 10 sec
but in the battle it only heals for 3 sec
Is this a mistake from the developers or a bug ??

Am I the only one to make this connection? Probably…
No offense, I love the new Moss skin. But.



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That sounds like a localization error.

In Spanish it correctly states that it only heals for 3 secs

Is that soo
When i saw it first time i was shocked from happieness .lol

Some hidden changes
Bronze sword is available through crates OR missions 3-9, 4-5 hard which cuts swords income to 6 daily max

Thats not a hidden change, it’s a bug. Devs confirmed on discord server that this change was unintended and happened somehow.

Just wait patiently until they add them back, I guess

Anyone who checked the daily calendar? I had Hardscope in mine yesterday but it changed to this, can someone else show me theirs please?


Same as yours.


When we updated the visuals for the daily calendar we also changed how it worked. Previously, if you didn’t log in every day of the month you couldn’t get all of the rewards. With the new system you will be able to collect all the rewards in the calendar. How fast you receive them is determined by your personal schedule, you wont be penalized if you’re unable to login.

As a result of this we needed to hit the reset button for everyone. This means that you might have saw the old calendar prior to updating where you received the new calendar.

@TURNCH, it appearing as if the swords are only found in the Silver Chest is an issue we plan to resolve shortly.

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Does that mean we complete the calendar in just 10 days and we cant get anything anymore? Or will it reset after hitting the 10th day?

I see, but doesn’t this calendar lower the rewards for vip players? Instead of our x2 we get the same rewards without vip, besides the extra 180k bucks and 16 XP in 10 days?

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Good to hear that, thanks for a quick respond :+1:

Excellent work ladies and gentlemen. :+1::+1:

Same here. It showed me " Hardscope" first then they suddenly pulled him out.

Asco en partidas JcJ lenta las partidas ya no se juega igual :nauseated_face:

Alguien me puede explicar que pasó en el evento Uaf y magistrates 3 vs 3 q hacia kunoichi jugando si ella es Klg black ops

@GTSaiko lol that’d be great, a Bio-chem evil twin that reflects all airborn attacks (such as Ryker’s charge moves) causing Ryker to attack himself. steeples fingers togther, excellent-- Ryker’s evil twin lives to tick off his brother & only concentrates on battle technology that trumps his brothers attacks always, lol. I have to stop now or I never will, lol

A little, but seems alright, coz I can remember when there has been times where I entered battles & i lost in like first 15 seconds, lol that was ridiculous.

@Brokenfall this is a really old topic, and gtsaiko doesn’t play anymore