April Events Calendar 2022

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I hope this doesn’t become the real calender of the month

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This look just like February’s calendar.


What will be the next bonus faction?

This is hella lame. Hot head never played childish games like this. They were at least on time with their calendars.


Childish games on april fools? :thinking:

there was this one here, and here as examples from the past.


Those were at least funny and I stand corrected. Thanks.

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Yea, this wasn’t tasteful at all.

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I am already on my way with the actual April calendar!
Will be live today.

As to the childish games - humor and a little bit of laugh never killed anyone :thinking:
I am also open to any of the suggestions, feel free to share :blush:


Posted some suggestions on Discord

Good morning Epic, my first suggestion is ignore those types of unnecessary hate comments, you will see a lot in future so better not take care of it.

Coming back to this, it won’t hurt/kill anyone if you give 10 mw tokens for free and I won’t tell anyone about this. Afterall, there were no bounties for an entire month.

Was that another April fool’s joke caz the day’s over and there’s no Calendar .

Well if there’ll be a delay like the previous update just let us know so that we keep our mindset like that.

Thank you.


Now its definitely funny cause this is still only april calendar lol

When will you give update? Atleast tell us what will be next bonus faction?

Have some Patience my friend.

Why, when they literally mock their own incompetence? I mean seriously, they’re laughing at the fact that they’re literally unable to manage the game after taking the reins. The only thing they are capable of doing better than HH is punctuality on their jokes.

Note: Not saying HH was great, but the folks stating that DECA is an upgrade… not seeing it.


Don’t forget going back 2 years and releasing a new hero that’s a 7* and can’t get it with a 7* token and the coop cap makes it impossible to get

We did that for the first update that took more than a month to release. They said getting the new coding down was the problem. What’s their excuse now?

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They have taken on more than they can handle it seems


When will you give update? It is 7th April and there is no news about update. We are waiting for a long time. Tell us clearly of you can’t give update.

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