Alliance Wars Season 3: Introducing Improvements!

But players are always telling us they have tens of thousands of Green equipment items and Grenades from Gorgon Wakes that they have no use for. So really, if that’s true, players will have a lot to draw from without having to pay.

Additionally: you can only spend a certain number of War Coins per War, as there are only so many upgrades. It’s not like you can purchase 100 Improvements. You can have six open, so if you plan right, that might be all you need. I think you’re sliding down a slippery slope into a worst case scenario that does not exist, before the cliff is remotely visible.


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I think you’re sliding down a slippery slope into a worst case scenario that does not exist, before the cliff is remotely visible.
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During second AW season we met few alliances which play don’t fair. How about issues when our 140-137 teams (under HQ bonus) was defeated with just two heroes (40k common power)? And this not luck chances – they do this things during all war permanent. Plus our whole alliance don’t make recapture any sectors because ALL attacks was failed even with high % of attack. If % is not 100% – all attack was guarantee failed.
I see in VIP chat like this guys say about tactics of «untoucheble sector» with something bug. Support don’t answer and close all tickets from my teammates.

War coins made this players only strongers.

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They make you stronger too. Every Alliance is able to use them.

Try them out before panicking. That would be my advice.

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all hell is gonna break loose this AW… and enjoy it because they’ll tweak it to fix the problems every season, maybe every war if it’s too crazy… i can’t wait, and i LOVE that they make kurtz frags the reward because it just makes everyone play. and we need participation for it to be real fun, so don’t change that. aaaaahhhh it’s gonna be stuuuuuuuuupendous!

Hey. I am the creator of the fight club. nobody forbids you to do the same as we do. thoughts are creative. go beyond. don’t be in a zombie herd. :wink:

once upon a time I thought of playing a bounty event with five alliances in one. I guess because of me then they made a limit on the number of people in the alliance.
call it what you want) cunning, or deception. cleverness, or impudence … without any difference. main movement):joy:

No matter what game you play, if there is a pay feature, those that pay money are always going to have an advantage over those that don’t. Complaining about it does nothing. The people that make the games do it to make money. Why else would they do it?

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@Muninn , Great way to utilise old gear pieces.
For everyone who didnt read - NO GOLD REQUIRED FOR YOUR EXISTING STOCKPILE. YAY! :partying_face:

Please do address the comms tho.
Groups of messages not making it through the server
AW popup system buggy and incomprehensible.
The limit. My god, the limit.

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@Muninn I really am looking forward to the new options in the next Alliance War , thanks for continually evolving the game for us, Alliance War just got a little more exiting !

A bit sceptical, this might be a good new feature, or this will destroy the game in it’s current status.


How would it destroy the game?

@Raz a new ‘buy’ feature for war, and a new ‘boost’ feature
I’m glad we can finally drop useless gear.

But I’m afraid this will turn out badly to spend even more on the same war feature we have right now.

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Update is out for andriod but alliance war rewards are the same why???

Rewards are still not worth it. Four weeks for that? The first war you actually gave us some great rewards. Really made it worth it. Now I’m even wondering if I want to even try. Just sign up, who cares if you do anything. You’re still going to get something.

Edit: I went back and looked and maybe they’re not as bad as I originally first thought. Last time we only got one hero coin now we get two. It’s a gamble but you can get more fragments than you would have gotten from the rewards from the first season. But only if you’re lucky enough to pick up a five star or seven star hero with one or both coins. Otherwise you’re going to end up with less.

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You’ve not allowed us to convert gears to aw coin which were received from gw raid…

Gw raid is useless still you continue it… If its rewards are useles then change rewards which can help us for crafting other gears or convert it to aw coins…


Seems like its enough to some people but honestly the gold and silver crate tokens are worthless espically at the higher ranks like me im level 90 and almost 1 million total power and honestly wars was why i was staying around im burnt out on bounties and pvo is still the same i dont play as its my choice so i was leaning on alliance wars the season 2 and 3 have the same amount of rewards pretty much its getting so close that i dont wanna do it no more cause the rewards really aint worth nothing all the way around other than alliance gems… i say give more frags just of the 7* heros just cause they are impossible to obtain and by more i mean more that 10or 15 frags of a hero that takes almost 600 to unlock i mean im pretty good with math and im sorry it dont add up

@Muninn @Skathi how come where the 2* zones and particularly 137 that they just took and is exactly the middle line with us and enemy but the other alliance is getting defence bonus like is their HQ. The picture will show you exactly what I am saying.

and is not just grafics because their team is like all 7* and I add all my 10* plat5 and it says 0% capturing the zone.

And is not live updates on alliance wars. My players attack or add teams on zones and one of our zones get attacked but it doesn’t show live updates unless I get off the game and back in again but is to late as the sector is already taken by the enemy. Common HH. We had this issue before and back again now.

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Anyway the war is dead, this season with the zone bonuses, it’s dead we can do nothing, once everyone has occupied the desired space, when you approach an area with a 200k power team pass that want to make you