Alliance Wars Needs Improvement 2.0

@OfficialGodlante 100 agreed with Sneak Attack taking the fun out of war. It’s why i proposed blocking ‘build rush’ the first hour of war or even limit it to only certain characters being able to participate in sneak attack. Limit Sneak Attacks to only characters that can go stealth such as Prophet, Mandrake, etc…


Never thought of only letting certain heroes be able to SA. That would be neat :).


In a real war, can you imagine sending in butter, dreadnaught or savage behind enemy lines for a sneak attack? They would fail miserably, lol.


I definitely agree that something should be tweaked about Surprise Attack. When you are blocked from moving really anywhere on Day 1, it can be extremely frustrating, and almost guarantees your ending rank, in my opinion. It becomes very tiring and exhausting to complete in wars when this happens continuously. I don’t have a problem with Surprise Attack. I think it’s a good feature, with its pros and cons, like everything. The first couple minutes of Alliance War are always my favorite. Watching my alliance rush to the center and 2*s brings me joy and satisfaction. But what ruins that feeling, is when we reach the center only to see that a neighboring alliance has blocked us in. That joy and satisfaction turns to frustration and anger. Then the alliance has the gut to ask for a truce, it’s rather annoying. :wink:


I feel like if Sneak Attack were removed completely, something would have to take its place. And I was wondering about the implementation of a system that could allow even the lowest ranking alliance of the day being able to somehow gain some ground, points, or become formidable?

Too many times I’ve seen an alliance simply give up and stop doing anything when their base becomes overrun on day 2-3. The frustration is very real. I would entertain the thought of scaling power the longer an alliance is at the lowest rank? I have no idea how this could work or if it’s feasible or if it would create more issues than not.

But what I’m entertaining is allowing even the lowest ranked alliances a glimmer of hope to be able to come back. Everyone loves an underdog!


I’ve always been more casual in regards to war, but always found it strange that the HQ upgrades were made so quickly available right off the bat. Perhaps folks are frustrated about how immediately those upgrades go into effect and how often they can screw other alliances over so quickly.

As for truces, the harsh reality is that is that as long as free communication exists between players, there will always be truces. Another thread alluded to this, to which I agree. As Doc wrote, “War is political, war has wins and losses, war is gruesome, war can sometimes be boring, sometimes exciting and take all the creativity and skills you have to survive”.

(P.S. This was one thread I wrote regarding some issues a ways back; I believe the conversation was a healthy one because the post largely just focused on the issues, not potential solutions. In other words, we fought the temptation to talk about our solutions, no matter how logical they appeared to be, we just talked about the problems themselves.)


As much as I enjoy using SA, it’s super frustrating having it used on me instead. I’ve had wars where my alliance and another alliance will just SA the whole game, wasting points, cutting each other off from everything, and lots of arguments in war chat and pm’s. As much as I love using it, I have to agree with you @Raz… maybe it needs a replacement.

While we’re talking about it lol, I think many improvements could be replaced with something better. Every war, alliances always buy the same 6 or 7 improvements. They need to make it hard for us to choose lol. Make some improvements that are better than others for different scenarios. Make us spend all of our war coins. Improvements such as Improve Scouting, Longer Scouting, Build Faster, and Risk = Reward are almost never bought. I believe I mentioned this on an older post as well, but personally, I’d love to see an improvement that is similar to reinforcements that allows you to edit defenses on sectors that are under attack.


Yep, I agree, usually the same improvements are used over and over again because they are the most effective in war. Surprise attack is annoying when used against my alliance, but sometimes it may be the best option to prevent being trapped by an enemy’s surprise attack. Maybe improvements that use featured heroes more would be nice, since usually only the new heroes get a huge point bonus. Perhaps an improvement where featured heroes get more power, or attack teams with same faction get an attack boost. As for limiting surprise attacks, maybe limit the range of surprise attacks to a certain number of tiles (scouting still unlimited) which would be indicated by the scouting popup.

However, war in its current state is still quite playable, its not very rage inducing and as long as your enemies aren’t too high-powered. The rewards are great, not too bad, and it light be annoying if your alliance is locked in an area by a bunch of shielded enemy zones, but that’s usually where a surprise attack works best. Improvements just don’t seem to do that much except for surprise attack IMO.


Agreed. Would love shorter aw with more bp.


I agree,
It needs to be shortened.
I also think accommodating players in different time zones would be great.
The duration of war could be shortened to two days(48hrs).
Increase the reset amounts to every 12 hours not 24 hours.
Similar to the pvp reset system.


We need an improvement which can remove shields on shielded sectors


But remember not to give prescriptive solution…

The more we give… The more it will be declined?

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Also there must be a time gap between AW and Bounty, some players wants to change alliances but cant change due to Bounty coming just when AW ends. The time gap between one AW season and other should be reduced from 10 days to 5 or 4 days as if anyone wants to change alliance or any merge need to be taken, it would have been taken in that period itself.


If I can get weird real quick…

What about a defensive improvement (20k war coins) that gives your alliance +1 energy per hour when opposing alliances control more than 25% of your base proximity.

This could make those last place teams more competitive. The buff would cut off as soon as you controlled more than 75%, but would allow alliances more energy to push back when losing badly.


Totally agree with you Pilfer. Alliance war has become a chore and we’ve noticed many have lost interest. Our alliance em has even taken a break this season because we’re exhausted and tired of having to deal with the constant back and forth and the servers not being able to handle the start and resets of the war, etc, etc, etc.

I think it’s a great idea to change up war and I like your ideas. I would love it if we could go a season or 2 or 3 without the improvements, take it back old school.

Either way I agree war needs to be tweaked. Our alliance has been active in every season of war except for this most current season. We’re burned out and tired.


War has become more of a stress to me than an enjoyment. Im always waiting for someone to cut supply with SA or we push to a sector on 1st day only to find it taken by SA. …lots of work for much disappointment…(the story of my life)…i agree with the statement SA needs to be removed/replaced…would make war more fun again and more fun to play…i like @Raz suggestion for an underdog helpful ability like extra points per sector per hour if you are below 4th place or something or maybe just more per capture


Well I’m sure there would be some to counter the arguments made about war lengths and SA with the typical, don’t like it don’t play as if there’s no consequences to opting out. Lol. Trust me as someone who has tried to slow down on Anxiety wars…it’ll cost ya lol. (ಠ‿ಠ)

Not sure if reducing war frequency would be in the games best interest. Unfortunately the mode has become the most popular? Atleast that’s the driving force behind most alliances it seems which to me is odd considering all other aspects of the game,the designs, graphics etc. The war map is king now. :man_shrugging:t5::woozy_face:

The easier-somewhat more difficult alternative that comes to mind is taking a good look at your alliance. Support and time is everything. Having one without the other well…wars gonna royally suck. True there’s a disconnect between alliance leadership and members. If one can’t/doesn’t or refuse to support the other then wars will become a painful chore. It did for me atleast. A embarrassing fall from grace with end of war kicks in the stomach from adversaries on the map in your inbox or war chat right commanders? :rofl:

You can try recruiting better players but that’s a learned skill that if not handled well could lead to bad way. Again trust me…I would know. :grin::grin::grin: In fact that was my biggest hang up. Finding like minded people who can mirror each other in terms of support and all that is a challenge. I’m all about support. My ridiculously high VIP level would probably attest to that as commander of SZERO. :sweat_smile:

As for what I use to call “the equalizer” SA, well…geez what a train wreck lol. Before becoming a expensive strategic nightmare for some reason, I enjoyed it. It use to be a response mechanism for us. I always figured SA was only as good as the strategy behind it so when it became more restrictive, made no sense to me strategically. I figured it was the result of complaints of abuse from those who couldn’t counter it.

Ultimately though we all know what AW is, it all comes down to the “how” you gonna compete if you decide to do so. I do wanna encourage folks to try not to be hard on yourselves about it. Reading these posts about wars seems a lot of stress and frustration is coming from this aspect of the game. There seems to be more one upping and “No…you’re wrong” than actually listening. :sweat_smile:.

Ok I guess I’ll end this unsolicited monologue with… good luck I guess. :woozy_face::v:t5:


One of the issues I’ve heard brought up about War is the rush of sneak attack to get to the middle, then truce all. I think the creator of WAR thought of war as a huge fight for the middle with no truces. So the question one has to ask is: how do you get rid of all truces?

What if the Developers were to get rid of the War Chat option and remove all names of the alliances. Each alliance can only see a color and defensive team power, but they have no idea who they’re hitting. I’m sure some alliances will find a way to figure it out, but this method introduces a lot more chaos. We have no idea who is scoring what, until the last hour when the curtain is lifted.

Granted this will not help much with match making, but it will force more action toward the center of the high valued sector.

Doing something like this might minimize a 2v1 reduce the ‘Truce All’.


It would be so simple for them to add defenders to the 2 stars at the beginning of war and that would help with a lot of people’s frustration with. The alliance I’m in can’t have many people on at start and it makes it almost pointless to play. Everyone just gets frustrated and aren’t having fun because we start so far behind. If they had the bonus hero in crates we probably wouldn’t even join war. I love this game but war definitely needs some improvements

What did i say here that warrants this getting flagged? If the person that flagged this can name one modification to war, please enlighten me.