Alliance war rewards

I understand your complaints and completely agree with the rewards not being adequate for the length of the event, however, that last statement you contradict yourself about PVP as you complain about the complainers then go on to complain yourself, a slight bit of hypercriticism there. Not to mention I will echo Muninn’s words here from a previous post about VIP levels, regardless of how much money you spend on the game that does not give you the right to the ears of the developers, you are a member of the community just like me and everyone else VIP are given their rewards in game, that is all it provides :slight_smile:

However I do agree with your statements about the lower brackets of war not having good enough rewards, it shouldn’t just be the top elite alliances getting the best reward. 7* should be given to the 10-15m bracket in replace of Hideo as I also do not believe that to be a fair reward as it is not on par with Kurtz frags.

I was making a reference about PvP people getting there way they like pvo i dont my choice and there choice my complaint is it seems like they get what they want faster than anyone. We was told better rewards this season and i just dont see better rewards is all im saying. Something needs to be done thats all

The rewards are better but I agree something needs to be done to further push it forwards, The rewards have been increased however just look at the number of tokens we also get now

As ive stated befor coins arent nothing at higher power… silver crates are to easy to buy so they are pointless gold crates are just as worthless so no they haven’t gotten any better in my opion… adding coins isnt a improvement in my opion as im almost 1 million power and level 90 so yea hero frags are way better and a fyi i still dont have prophet and kurtz they need to have ways of getting more frags as they cost so much to unlock and we cant use like mech bio or energy frags to unlock which i feel we should be able to

Please devs give us better rewards just not worth it and yall said yall wanted alliance wars to be big but i dont fell like its worth how long it last