2021 Hunter Awards - The Votes are In!

K. Yeah I’m not saying you guys are lying or anything, those MK and Klayton votes are close. How many people voted in general?

Amen Jado, nobody is beyond redemption (except Klayton himself he is forever cursed lol).

@Skathi I am surprised that Torque was 4th, thanks for the insider info! Just curious, are the Klayton award heroes (Ryker) going to be buffed for the next update or was it just for funsies?


Just for funsies! There’s no guarantees of nerfs/buffs /changes from this event, it’s a fun thing we wanted to do for the Community!


Well, maybe it can be considered haha. :wink: After all, you guys now have that sweet sweet feedback.

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You should see my ruby Torque, he’s a beast! He’s the best at not doing anything in the ground, he rolls, helps to complete as 5th hero in the team, gives some motivation to everyone else, I love him!


Good power for wars, at lower levels… Good cover breaker for mari & at lowest lvl… Good sacrifice for KURTZ.

Only result that surprised me was… Ryker getting most votes for buffs[but, he is our 1st dps hero in this game so, understandable] & yes, need all old heroes on the top(buff all old heroes) :slight_smile:

Part 3 is now up! Congrats to all our winners, and thank you to the Community for voting! :sparkling_heart:


Hahaha. Retirement fund to the moon! :rocket:


OWN was robbed

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Congratulations to all of the winners this year!!!


Look like many peoples don’t know how use someone heroes – Torque it’s very good support tank. Use him with Keel and survivability of whole team surprise you. Steele it’s a maybe most powerful DD in the game, lol. If you buff him from others characters. Infinite ammo with huuuuuge damage it’s nitro combination. About Torque I even maded info picture. Now this even better – Torque+ Keel+Venom or Silhouette make things better in many modes.


Does this mean I win the bet @J_A_D_O ?

Congratulations to all winners and competitors :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Check this poll bellow to see which hero the Forum community choose as the favorite hero of 2020!

Congrats everyone and the nominees were well chosen.

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I’m heart broken that I didn’t make the top 3

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Hmmmmm… alliance of the year award for most alliance war wins??? The nominees??? That data has got to be skewed… Wolves are consistently at the top of the leaderboard and not even a nominee to say the least??? Wow.

TSTK has won 5 seasons and over 20 1st place wars in a row now, must be a combination of war wins and season wins

Nation demands data on Alliance war award :sweat_smile:

Congrats to all the winners…

Do u get a badge/portrait as a reward and just to show how beastly u are? :smiley:

If not u should try and make it happen @munin @Skathi

I think it would be a nice touch as these guys have all proven they deserve any rewards given.


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